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Please help me!!!


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I'm a Chinese but currently study as a graduate student in America. I learned playing piano when I was young and I really want to buy a digital piano here since I cannot afford a real piano and I need to move constantly.


I have found the Yamaha P70 is really attractive. Has anyone ever tried this? I only use this as a piano so I don't need other sounds or complex functions as long as the feeling of touch and the piano sound are good. If anyone has ever used it, please give me some feedbacks on it. Thanks.

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Thanks. Actually I'm comparing the Casio PX 700 with this one. So, if anyone wants to say something about PX 700 and P70, I'd love to hear. Thanks.
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I've played both the P-70 and PX-700. The action is acceptable on both in my opinion. The Yamaha P-70 is lighter than the Casio and the Piano sound is actually quite good. In my opinion it has a fuller sound than the PX-700. In fact I think the Casio PX-700 is a little thin and brittle sounding although you may disagree. You can judge for yourself. Here is an actual Piano demo from the PX-700:


PX-700 Grand Piano


The PX-700 has more features than the P-70. For example a transpose function. The PX-700 is a little more expensive than the P-70 though.


Happy shopping!

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