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Would anyone be into this kind of working relationship?

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I'm a professional freelance drummer with a thorough knowledge of Pro Tools, an excellent editor, great with Beat Detective, comping, etc, etc. I have my own TDM and 002 systems. I just received an offer to share a studio with great gear in a well-known facility. In order to justify the monthly payment, I'd need to see some return on such an investment. I figure that everyone needs quality drum tracks recorded in a good room, done by a knowledgeable engineer, who could then deliver comped and edited sessions or mix stems to a client. Could be anywhere in the country. What I'm wondering is if anyone out there who works in jingles, broadcasting, or games is interested in developing an ongoing working relationship? You send me basic sessions, i.e. MIDI ideas or even 2-track wavs recorded to click, plus any production notes. I track live drums, and deliver perfect, completed multitrack sessions back to you for you to mix and apply FX to. Send me an email if interested: [url=http://www.jimbatcho.com]www.jimbatcho.com[/url] jim@jimbatcho.com
Just for the record.
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