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GEM RP-X new soundmodule


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Unfortunately the following announcement is in german language about the new GEM soundmodule with DRAKE technology:


Musikmesse Frankfurt 2006 aktuelle Bilder>>



Generalmusic stellt die neue X-Soundmodul Serie vor. Die neuste Generation von Soundmodule gepowert von GEM´s DRAKE Technologie.

Auf Wunsch unsere Kunden nach einen Soundmodul mit der legendären DRAKE Klangerzeugung, haben wir einfachste Bedienung, bester Sound, zu einen günstigen Preis In ein Rackmodul verpackt, das keine Wünsche offen lässt.

Die X-Serie von GEM beginnt mit dem RP-X Modul. Erstaunliche Piano-Klänge (Akustik und Vintage Pianos) die man aus der PROMEGA-Serie kennt. Ein Zweites Soundmodul der X-Serie bietet die besten GM 2/ GMX 2 Sounds in dieser Preisklasse, und ist eine optimale Erweiterung für Midiplayer, Keyboards, Studios oder Live- Setups.

Die X-Serie ist ausgestattet mit einer 80 stimmigen poliphony, 16 Fach-Multitimbral, bis zu 3 Prozessoren zu Nachbearbeitung und dem Master EQ mit Loudness Maximizer, gepowert by DRAKE.



Has anybody more info about that?



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No idea, although I'm sure Dave from GEM could probably help us out with this one. :)


In the meantime, here's the 'translation' from Google... just for fun. :D


Music fair Frankfurt of 2006 current pictures > > fair novelty!! Generalmusic presents the new x-Soundmodul series. The newest generation of sound modules gepowert from GEM's DRAKE technology. When desired our after customers a sound module with the legendary DRAKE sound production, we packed simplest operation, best sound, to a favourable price in a rack module, which does not leave desires open. The x-series of IN ACCORDANCE WITH begins with the Rp-x module. Amazing Piano sounds (acoustics and Vintage pianos) which one knows from the pro megaseries. A second sound module of the x-series offers the best GM 2/GMX 2 sounds in this preisklasse, and is an optimal extension for Midiplayer, key boards, studios or Live Setups. The x-series is equipped with 80 stimmigen poliphony, 16 subject Multitimbral, up to 3 processors gepowert to rework and the master a EQ with Loudness Maximizer, by DRAKE.
Maybe the "16 subject Multitimbral" functionality will help some of us forum members stay up to date with the many threads we post in... ;)
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Outstanding! I am going to get drunk and dance in the street! I have been waiting FOREVER for a DRAKE-based piano module from GEM! In my fairly recent correspondence with Dave, it seemed the development of such a unit was a while off. Unbelievable! I wonder when they will be available.....


In approximately the last month, Hammond has announced the development of the XK module, now this. So now we have arguably the best digital piano and B-3 clone in boxes. I can not wait to get these things, racked and hooked up to my K2600. Tequila anyone?

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw


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Is this two different modules - one a piano module and one for General MIDI sounds? That seems to be the case. Anyway its clear there's a module with the piano sounds in it. I want one!


Now, as to the baiting bears with Nachos bit (Nachbearbeitung) I have not a clue. Perhaps that's a Latin sound set.


(I don't speak German but I can swear in English French Japanese and Russian - I'm effluent in four languages)

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here's an english version I found at pro-music-news...


Generalmusic launches X-Series sound modules


Generalmusic announced the launch of X series professional sound modules powered by DRAKE at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2006. DRAKE (Disp Risc Advanced Keyboard Engine) technology is acclaimed for its performances in the Promega and Realpiano Series pianos.

Drakes power stems from its fully programmable DSP software architecture providing many types of generation algorithms, effects section and post processing including the exclusive physical models pioneered by GEM. The "X" line features different sophisticated, professional modules. Included In the initial line up will be the RP-X, specifically dedicated to the emulation of stunning acoustic pianos and vintage instruments. The X Series will also provide a GM module(GM2/GMX2)featuring a complete database of orchestral and synthesis sounds, engineered to offer the best sound quality thanks to the features of DRAKE.

The internal sound data base of every X series model is stored in a compressed format within 64MB of flash memory using GEMs exclusive compression algorithms, expanded while the instrument is turned on and offering a vast range of sounds.

The X Series modules feature up to a maximum of 80 notes polyphony, 16 multitimberal parts and up to 3 continuous post processors plus a final equalizer with loudness maximizer.

The user interface is easy to navigate and direct, with only a few buttons and clear functions. The X Series is completed by a custom PC editor that allows easy access to all the internal parameters.

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Yahoo! I'm very very interested in that piano-sound module.


I assume the sound is the same as in promega3? I've heard (and tried once too on promega2) the fazioli sound is nice. Does anybody have opinion on the other piano sounds (obviously there is :) ) )?



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This is good news. I have always had a feeling that whoever releases a dedicated piano module at the moment would provide serious competition to the digital piano keyboard market. Most people have keyboards they like, but are keen to upgrade or increase the variety of the piano sounds. The market has lagged behind in this respect.


Now, the obvious question: How much is the RP-X going to be?

We have time, but none to waste.
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Originally posted by vihreamies:

Does anybody have opinion on the other piano sounds (obviously there is :) ) )?

:idea: biting my tongue. :cool:


Forget the piano, you're telling me that GEM is putting out a GM module?? A DRAKE powered HARP? But, but, but, I just caved in and bought an orchestral card off eBay. arrrghhh.

"........! Try to make It..REAL! compared to what? ! ! ! " - BOPBEEPER
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Originally posted by Sven Golly:

Time to become an eBay seller, it would seem. ;)

yeah, if i ever own the card to turn around and sell. I paid for it 3 days ago without bothering to first contact the seller, and haven't heard from him yet. It was one of those blind auctions. I caught it at the last minute, and Won. oh boy.


But you know, an orchestral harp (not to be confused with a mouth harp) really does deserve it's own dedicated piece of hardware...if you're gonna do it right. There's a pretty good chance no-one ever will. ;)


Uh-oh, OT!! :wave:

"........! Try to make It..REAL! compared to what? ! ! ! " - BOPBEEPER
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