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Leslie 122 As Subwoofer?


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Now, before you shred my bottomside for suggesting such sacrelege, please hear me out...


I've got a Leslie 122 that is set up to run with my A100 in the house. I rarely get to use it because there isn't enough room near the A100 to leave it there on a permanent basis, so it spends most of its life sitting in my cramped little studio, collecting dust.


My thought was, I could wire up a new jack on the the low driver such that if there was nothing plugged into it, it would function as normal (as a Leslie 122). If there was something plugged in, the speaker would be disconnected from the amp in the Leslie and connected to an outside driver, namely, a subwoofer channel driven by a Rane AC22 crossover and a Rane MA6 amp.


Has anyone ever done anything this insane, and if so, were you at all happy with the results? Eventually I'll add a real subwoofer, but for now, in the studio, I thought this might suffice.


Thanks for any thoughts,



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