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Leslie onstage placement for monitoring

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I got another questions for the community,


Where do you guys like your leslie for monitoring? I have seen people put it right behind them with the upper and lower rear panels off so it could be mic'ed. I also understand that the closer it is to a wall, more bass response can be heard. Yes i do play paddles and would never play without them...so bass is important to me.

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I put mine behind me and a little to the left, on a crate to get the horn up a little higher so I can hear it better. (It's a short cabinet type)

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If you put it too close to the wall you'll lose a lot of the nice bounce effect you get with a real Leslie. But if you need the bass, yes the wall is better, corner even better (and even worse for the nice bouncing effect).


Solution? Get two of them, then you can put one in each corner, and it'll sound kick-ass! ;)

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Be aware the removing the horn deflectors changes the tone as well as the volume. You get more tremolo and less doppler vibrato. I played without deflectors for years, but came back to the original sound. When I listen to old tapes, I wince.




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I don't play live much, but when I do I like the leslie right behind me. Personally, my preference (especially in the studio) is to place the leslie with it's back against a wall and mike it through the slats (one on the bottom & two on the top). While I am not a fan of using contemporary speakers or so call high efficiency drivers because they alter the vintage sound (in a way that usually sounds harsh to me), one thing I do like (and use in both of my leslies) is using Svetlana 6550s in the amp. They definitely rock.


BTW, since you said you kick pedals: I have a friend who splits his output and runs the low end through a PR40 Tone Cabinet. I have to admit it does sound good. Every once in a while, in the studio, if a song calls for it, I will unplug the lower motor, or mike through the access hole to keep the bass clearer.

Ain't nothin' like the real thing :thu:

Steve Nathan

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I use a Motion Sound Pro3TM onstage. I'll place it on my rack right behind my head at about ear height. Then the lows go through my cabinets pointing up toward my head on either side of my rack. It gives me a very close approximation to placing a 147 right behind me.I like to hear the movement of the sound.

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