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Simple Question - MIDI Input/Output

Nick Dawes

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Hi, I have just signed up to this forum in the hope that somebody here may be able to answer a simple question I have.


I have a keyboard with the helpful key-lighting system, you know the one that lights up to teach you a song?


My question is, if I were to purchase a keyboard with MIDI Input/Output and this key-lighting system, would the keyboard be able to teach me how to play MIDI files I have saved on my computer?


Please let me know what type of keyboard includes this feature-if any at all- and sorry for the noobness of this post :)

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Nick, I have never heard of such a thing. Most beginner keyboards like you describe don't even have MIDI input/output. And if it did have it, I doubt it would have lights.


Here's an alternative. You download the Van Basco Player (google it). It's a free MIDI player. It can play MIDI files and it displays a keyboard and you can watch it press the actual notes. You can slow it down or even change keys.


Good luck.

Hamburg Steinway O, Crumar Mojo, Nord Electro 4 HP 73, EV ZXA1


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hi nick


yes a casio privia px 500L


keys light to show you how to play a song

it works with its onboard songs but i think it may also store other midifiles once converted to casio speak like the px 300 does but please check the specs before considering



yes this is another version of the px casio which your radio shack piano is a son of.

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Originally posted by AUSSIEKEYS:


yes this is another version of the px casio which your radio shack piano is a son of.

This wondrous casio never ceases to amaze! So how do I make mine light up? :D


:( Oh, I didn't pay enough money so I don't get the lights...

Hamburg Steinway O, Crumar Mojo, Nord Electro 4 HP 73, EV ZXA1


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yea but i bet your EYES lighted up at a 88 piano for $300


there is also another expensive version which has either a disc drive or flash storage for midifiles but is about 18 kgs as opposed to your radio shack at 11.9 kgs


I reckon their next version should be a killer if they keep going this way.....but


there is always a but you cant count on commities to decide what we want

they are just as likely to go back the other way like they have in the past


just break into the pro market with a product that inspires and challenges the rest...then backaway ...back to the home market

where i bet the home market really pays off.


there are more family buyers than pro buyers


at this point with the privia they are keeping both camps happy...if they go full pro maybe theyll lose thier original market.

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Where's Dave Horne when you need him? I'm sure he would say (and I would agree) that learning to play the keyboard by copying flashing LED's in/near the keys is not recommended.


I would recommend you learn to play without looking at the keyboard - keep your eyes on the music and feel the 'board.


Just my 2c worth. Back to my cave.



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That'll be great for pros. Casio Previas that light up when they play. I'm sure that will be in big demand. :rolleyes::D


I'm sure glad I stuck to the low end model ;)


Oh. And I've stuck a label on mine already (Shure gives out stickers with microphones so I stuck it on). That way, people won't be expecting lights on my little CDP-100 :D



Hamburg Steinway O, Crumar Mojo, Nord Electro 4 HP 73, EV ZXA1


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hee hee

you read me wrong [types vigourously in defence]


the lighted version is not the top of the line it merely fills a gap in the market but costs more than most privias but less than the top model

[i research what ever model i buy well and hence know about each of these models made,]

i own at least 12 pro keyboards and have lost count of the models owned over 28 years [and worked in pro shops] and feel confident that i know a little about keyboards.


I have no interest or recommendations to anyone learning thru lighted keys.

im just offering advice on whats on offer

yes answering a question because thats what this forum is about...isnt it. ye ha


my raving is referring to the fact that casio can design an acceptaable piano feel by using a totally different method to all other makers.

prepared to gamble and it payed off.


they tried 2 or 3 times before with decent pro gear and then left it.And indeed this piano is pro acceptable and i believe future models could really be developed to full pro if they wanted.


they have used hydraulics to achieve a weighted feel and thus reduce the entire weight to almost half the weight of many keyboards [2/3rds weight of others] but still preseve a good feel.


they have addressed a very needed issue reducing physical weight and unless another maker can match this and produce a feel that betters the casio it will presently be my keyboard for gigging.


ive had better feeling keyboards [just sold it after getting the privia] but the difference in weight far outweighs the slight difference in feel.[my ill health reduces the weight I can physically carry]


Casio has its self approached a design with a fresh method which has satisfied many digital piano buyers ...you included jazzwee


remember in this privia range there is about 6 versions i think too many choices but definately enough choices to satisfy most type of buyers.

the radio shack version surprisingly capturing many forum members off guard and outta pocket.

you all know who you are.stickers or not. ha


the lighted key method is still them hanging onto thier home keyboard market.

they cant give up the golden goose can they.



You can ignore this model because its appears to be very rare in the shops anyway.

hence my previous rave put it in this context and reread my coment.


I could see casio produciong a very good controller keyboard if they were prepared to break away from their home keyboard roots.

I for one applaud Casio's design and look forward to see if they improve it with pros in mind or do they let it go andkeep to the home market.

As it is now we finally have a portable piano thats giggable and acceptable. viva casio


ps i thought casio didnt need defence now that so many have bought a Radio shack version from this forum.

If it was made by another manufacturer it would have been snapped up when first introduced not 3 years later,its slowly breaking down the barriers.


hey casio do you need a new rep?

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Just pulling your leg Aussiekeys!


But what you said about hydraulics on the Casio is interesting. The physical feel of weighted keys is different than say the Yamaha. I have them side by side to compare. There's an initial resistance in the Casio that's a little harder to counter. And without reading your post, I thought it felt a little "hydraulic", like I have to squish some liquid out. How do you know this? Did you open it up?

Hamburg Steinway O, Crumar Mojo, Nord Electro 4 HP 73, EV ZXA1


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hi jazzwee

yes i did laugh but did have to make sure others knew my position.hee hee


i knew the hydraulics would interest you


i had been told this at a music store [although casio doesnt seem to extol that virtue]

but i really learnt more on this site via either "phatman" or "niacin" i think.

whoever it was also extolled the virtue of a new design.

apparently they use small hydraulic or liquid filled bags or similar.


i will pull mine apart one day maybe to custom paint it.{originally i was gonna reduce the weight further by removing the speakers but another site guy [hobo i think] has done that and says it doesnt reduce the weight much.and now i dont see the point as i can handle 12.5 kgs quite well]


i compared my casio px 300 to my Gem PRP7 [which felt very close to my yamaha baby grand which i love.]

the casio plays a little heavier and has a slight stiffness to it.

the thing that i like is that the casio has a predictable feel to it in that everytime i hit a key it feels exactly the same as the rest.

it also has a precissness to it which reminded me of early roland keyboards of the 80s/90s.


i do find it a little harder to play soft passages with feel [such as i can on a real piano] but that has been the case with all digitals i have owned.


when in a store trying one for the first time i thought this is great with nothing to compare.

At another store I A/B it to a Roland RD 700sx and realised the difference instantly.But without a comparison it is a happy experience to play.


Unless another manufacturer can produce a 12.5 kg keyboard with a better feel ill stick to the casio for lugging..


ps i did think the radio shack/cdp 100 felt lighter to play than my px 300,

they say the 310 and 110 are lighter to play than the 300/100 range but how?


I am trying to find a used Kawai MP 9000 for studio work [at its weight it would never be moved again].

Just so you know that I do agree that there are better feeling boards but just not as portable. in the meantime ill use my casio for everything it feels better than my M audio Keystation Pro which i will sell.which enticed me for the sliders/nobs/price needless to say i never use it.

i had been deciding between that and a casio afterwards a sendhand cassio became available and i realised i should have chose the new casio over the m audio.For feel and lightweight.


hey jazzwee we havent heard from Nick Dawes the writer of this thread.

Like to know if we are answering his letter or are we part of a carefully worded plot? hee hee

hey nick are you there????????


nick there would be other lighted keyboards in other brands too that will allow midi control and lighted keys but they will be not cheap prices.

Usually the upper models in those home keyboards offer both.Often the furniture models have both and some with a floppy drive..

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Aussiekeys, I'm sure Nick left us a long time ago...


We turn every thread into a Casio/Radio Shack thread :D


The CDP-100 is not "light keys" by any means (no pun intended). I didn't notice until I tried to play fast stuff on it. It takes some getting used to because I thought the Yamaha has the heavier keys (compared to Roland). I'm surprised that the Casio series now has the heaviest keys. But then again, it is probably as heavy as my acoustic piano.

Hamburg Steinway O, Crumar Mojo, Nord Electro 4 HP 73, EV ZXA1


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it seems as heavy as our other baby grand a Beale

therefore i could say really that the difference is about the same as that between various acoustics.

i have experienced some RSI when playing but am presently putting that down to the height of my stand as i dont sit at my keyboards generally.




So far ive used the casio live for Song writing nites and walk up situations where i would be lucky to play about 10 songs.

still i think that with constant use it would be easy to forget it is heavier than other actions.


funny when i played a yamaha digital recently I thought they felt the lightest,in fact very like the yamaha baby grand im used to and love.

get a yamaha down to 12.5 kgs and that would be a good gig board i reckon.

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