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Jazz chord progressions?


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Originally posted by InfoSal:

Get a copy of Luke Gillespie's 'Stylistic ii VI's'


Has every possible hip New York jazz voicing under the sun for D-7 G7 C


I don't think people have time to write a whole book for you on this forum.

Haha! :D How wrong you were.

I printed out this thread today and it came out as 46 pages long! And that was with a small font :)


There is so much knowledge shared in this thread. I felt that it was worth a re-read and a bump back up to the top.

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Bloodsample never did come back to us about Lullaby of Birdland. I never did answer the question of what scale to use. But just for posterity, I remembered that using the changes I indicate, I had success with a C Blues scale for a large part of it.


By the Konaboy, since I wrote a lot of the stuff in this thread, I have to say that I learned from what I wrote as well as reading other people's posts. Some answers I had to go reread a book and it was helpful to remember some important point. So it's a two way street and that's why it's fun to contribute.


This was a fun thread.

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i really agree with your point of learning by posting... i can remember one particular time period of personall growth brought a bout by having a couple of students... there's something about analyzing what you do in order to comunicate it that reinforces so well...
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Originally posted by Dave Horne:



Back to the Fm chord. Where does it occur naturally? Well, it's a ii chord in Eb major, a iii chord in Db major and a vi chord in Ab major, right?


Play a scale starting on an F in each one of those keys and see which one might work better than the others.


Neither Eb Major, Db Major or Ab Major scales sound very good over the first measure:


| F-6 D-7b5 | G7b9 C7b9 |


You would be better off with a melodic minor type scale for the first bar:


F G Ab Bb C D E (no avoid notes)

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