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S90ES Monitoring Question


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Greetings -


As the proud new owner of a new Yamaha S90ES I am now in search of amplifying this beast. I have a couple different portable keyboard amplifiers and they work well. I'm having one of my closets fitted to be a mini home-studio.


The Yamaha S90ES will be the centerpiece but I want to have a couple speakers for home-studio use only. I looked at all kinds of monitors and convinced myself that I needed Mackie HR824s or 624s. I started to really think about it and I don't need all that engineering. I will do some recording but I don't have much experience and I think it would be similar to a new driver buying a Porsche. Just not necessary.


I have researched the heck out of this and I can't find any previous discussions about other means of monitoring (maybe a poor choice of word for what I really want to do) a keyboard. A home stereo system is out but perhaps there are other choices. The Sweetwater catalog had some relatively inexpensive monitors ($250 per PAIR!) and maybe those would do.


I just want my darn S90ES piano to sound clear. Flat and natural response at 37Hz just isn't that important to me (yet!).


If anybody can recommend something that would be great. Price is not of paramount importance but I don't want to spend money I don't need to.


Thank you.

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For home studio use, I use a pair of monitors for my S90ES. Mine are K-ROK monitors from Guitar Center. I forget the wattage but they are mid sized ones. They are plenty loud.


Another possibility for dual use (home or small gigs) is a Yamaha Stagepas 300. I have it on my "to get" list. They're small enough to have the same footprint as a pair of monitors. $549 I think.

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I bought the M-Audio BX8's. GC had a sale and I picked em up for $299 for the PAIR, which are usually $500pr. For that price I would of been crazy NOT to get them. I am very happy with them. I had read quite a few good reviews on them so when I saw them at that price I jumped on em. I think the price/performance ratio winner is definatly the BX8a's over the Mackies for sure. In all honesty the Mackies sounded a bit muddy in the low range to me. The M-Audios do NOT sound muddy, very loud, flat and clear, with a real good bass responce. Definatly worth checking out.


By the way, contrats on the S90ES, that is what I have now and am very happy with it. Its an awsome board.


So, I guess youll be putting a new meaning to the phrase "coming out of the closet" ? or, would your case be "going into the closet ? :)

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