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Roland RS-70 or Juno-D


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well, first of all hi all


my first post,


Im here to ask this


I own A RS-70 Keyboard (Roland), and someone, has offered me to change it, hand to hand, (with the guaranty and manual, etc) for a Juno-D Roland


I dont know what to do, the keyboard looks like it has much beter sounds that the RS-70, a rich piano and violin


Please i need an answer ASAP, because i have to give the answer tomorrow


I have the keyboard here, we changed for a bit

to see each keyboard


So, what do you think?? (plus he'll teach me how to use it)


Thanks in advance

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I'd say go for it, the Juno-D has more realtime controls. But it all really depends on what you're using it for. The Juno-D doesn't have a floppy drive like the rs-70 does, so if smf playback is important to you it may not be wise. But if you're more into editing sounds in real time (i.e. cutoff, resonance, attack, decay, etc.) and better synth patches and features, then the Juno would be perfect.


If you have the option, play the Juno before the trade and fiddle around with it to see if it better fits you, you wouldn't want to trade then regret it later.

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well, i actually see that this has no sequencer at all


and the V-linl is gone


but what i want is quality no quantity


and what has the better quality??


of sound of course


and is the RS-70 older or is the Juno-D older??



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Hey Karu,I'd go with the Juno-D.I use one in home and out on gigs and everything thing is easily accessible and sounds are good.I've gotten compliments from its sounds from guys who've been around the block many times and are considering the investment themselves.That's my take on it! Good luck. :D
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From what I can gather the soundset in the Juno-D is the SAME as the RS series - they just changed the casing.


I own an RS-50 and have demo'd a Juno-D without noticing much difference, certainly not in the piano.

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I have a Juno-D,which perfoms OK it its own right but the RS-70 is a bigger product. The Juno is a slight improvement of the RS-50 (keyboard feel and probably some voicing). The RS-70 has 64 MB sounds (compared to the Juno-D's 32MB) and a sequencer. The Roland repackaging and re-naming has definitely caused some confusion.
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