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open source recording project

The Jam Lab

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This is your invitation to listen or contribute to some improvised and virtual jams. We have hours of music and all styles to choose from. We record live trios once a week of spontaneous sink or swim raw and live music. Sometimes good things happen and we post portions of these tracks. Many others from around the world have downloaded these tracks and add their new parts. We are mentioned in the April 2006 issue of Modern Drummer, concerning this open source recording project.


If you play an instrument and you fit in, let's do some recording together. It is not about a perfect track or performance. It is about making some new music and taking risks.




If you are on a dial up, we can mail CDRs for virtual jams.


I'd love to hear some of you guys trade solos with Dani Vargas from Chile. Here is Steven Robinson's version of The Way of the Jam with Dani:


http://www.jamlab.us/downloads/mp3/DSK09_The_Way_Of_The_Jam_SR.mp3 10Mg


Steven is from NY. Steven (2nd guitar) and Dani (1st guitar) both are doing some serious shredding. Dani represented Texas 2 years running in the Guitar Center Guitarmegeddon Nationals. He reminds me of Al DiMeola. Steven has a few more cyber jams with us posted. I've got a CDs worth of tracks with Dani posted.


http://www.jamlab.us/jl_cyberjams.htm all the cyber jams and links to the guest artist


http://www.jamlab.us/downloads/bassanddrumduos/ a directory with bass and drum/percussoin duos and trios minus the guitar


http://www.jamlab.us/jl_sl.htm our latest works as a live improvised power trio


http://www.jamlab.us/jl_frames.htm older versions of The Jam Lab


Kurt Angel


Sugar Land, TX USA

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