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Electro ver 3.0/Stage ver 2.0 Free Updates


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Electro Version 3.0


Nord Electro OS v3.00

The sample format has changed to make it possible to include two of the grand pianos from the Nord Stage sample library into the Nord Electro's library. The two new grands are a Yamaha C7 and a Steinway D.


The Rotary Speaker simulation has been tuned to give a slightly brighter sound.


The organ and piano sections now have individual settings for the effects On/Off parameter. This makes it easier to use the "instrument selector" to switch between organ and piano sounds since the effects routing is remembered.


Three different settings for the "Rotary Speaker" acceleration and retardation was implemented. A setting of "1" corresponds to the previously used characteristic.

Fixed Bugs




Reloading a Program with the instrument selector set to Organ and then changing the selector to Piano, didn't load the piano sound selected when the program originally was stored.


Setting the organ split point manually didn't always work.


A small bug regarding the Clavinet filters was fixed.





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Hey Busch,


Have you tried gigging with your Scarbee RSP '73 and Ivory piano installed in your new Receptor? I dream of such a set up but worry that it won't sound any different live than my RD-700SX.


Is your new SA-300 ideal for solo digital piano gigs?

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I just found the time to download the new OS and retrofit my Electro with the compliant sounds for 3.0. The new OS rocks!


One of the best features is the new ability to save piano and organ FX independently within the same preset, so that toggling between organ and piano renders completely separate FX. Basically doubles the memory and solves for a UI inadequacy. KILLER!


The ability to choose Leslie ramp times (slow, medium, fast) is also top-notch. I like the L.0 slow version - sounds incredibly sweet, accurate, authentic, smokin', etc.


It is kind of subjective, but the EPs seem to have a bit smoother velocity response in the 3.0 OS. I'm sure Jazz+ would be proud, but would still find something to complain about. :D


I continue to be VERY impressed by Clavia's support of this instrument that has been out there for more than several years. I've been a faithful Electro Fan Boy for over 3 years (4 years this Fall) and it continues to be a mainstay, GO TO keyboard in my rig. Quite inspiring.




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I did the upgrade about 2 weeks ago, probably a couple days after it was announced. I really like the selectable leslie speeds. The slow one really gives that old "needs maintenance" ramp up on the low rotor. I don't have a gig till next week and it's one I usually bring the real leslie to, but I think I'll go sans leslie and try out the upgrades in a live setting.

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I've had my Electro just a little over a year, and it is without doubt the best instrument purchase I've ever made. It takes those swedes some time to come up with these OS updates, but the wait definitely is worth it! The main thing is, at least they still are working on improving an existing instrument, instead of trying to sell re-packaged "new & improved" technology like the other manufacturers. I wonder what else Clavia has up their sleeves?
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