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Nord Pitch Stick Repairs...any do-it-yourselfers?


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Well I bought an original Nord Lead on ebay to satisfy a bad case of GAS. The thing sounds awesome but the pitch stick doesn't work. It displays an error on startup and is disabled from then on. Anybody else ever have pitch stick problems? I talked to some Nord techies and it sounds like something I might be able to fix myself but I wanted to find someone else who has tried it. Anybody out there ever tried to fix a nord pitch stick? What were the results?
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I'm not but I definitely have a few friends who can sling an iron with the best of them. I want to open it up and do this myself but I'm afraid of doing more damage.

As far as opening the thing up to take a look at it, is it simply a matter of unscrewing the sides and taking the red piece off the top?

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