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OT: Sopranos


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To quote Randy Jackson on American Idol "Dude, I don't know, it was just alright for me."


I'm not too impressed with this season. Too many storylines that never go anywhere. And, what was with last night's episode? Christopher has a girlfriend?

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Personally, I am torn--on a few levels I think they are building up to some major meltdown.


On most levels, however, I am about ready to cancel my HBO subscription--Totally boring Sopranos episodes, a bunch of Lame-o shows, not to mention ancient movies they are currently peddling!

Steve Force,

Durham, North Carolina


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I'm kinda let down in the sense that there are only 3 episode's left. There only gonna be able to wrap up maybe one possibly 2 story lines by then. As ABECK said,there have been far too many this year. That doesn't bother me as long as there's an end to the story arc's . Looks like that won't happen until we get the +8 shows later in the year.


As far as these stories are concerned. I will say I think the "Al Queada" guys hanging at the Bing will turn out to be the downfall of the crew thru Chris blundering. I think if there not FBI, then they're gonna get arrested by Homeland security and once the trace of activity begin, it will lead somewhat to Chris. From there it's anybody's guess what happens.


My guess is some of the crew goes upstate from Chris turning rat, the rest get to stay in camp and fight it out with Phil Leotardo, as Phil looks to exploit the weakness and begin his long awaited revenge. ...my $.02.

TROLL . . . ish.
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Yes, I hope they are leading somewhere with all the "Al Queda" references they have been dropping.


Well, Deadwood starts in a couple of weeks - the first 2 seasons have been better than the last 4 Sopranos seasons. Entourage is also excellent. And, because my wife occassionaly gets control of the TV, I have to say that Big Love is really good as well. The writing is excellent.

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