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Hi all.... Mr. Programming novice here.


First, let me say I have found ny way around the sequencer part of the instrument.


Now then, what I want to do:


There's a "Combi" that when the ARP butotn is lit plays a cool pattern triggered by single keys in the lower register. SO for example of I hit low C, it begins the pattern based on the key of C. Of course I can make chord changes on the fly and the pattern adjusts accordingly.


Is it possible to "record" this so that I can trigger the pattern and chord changes (example, a few measure on C, a few on Eb, etc..)???


When I try it, the sequence just plays back the singal notes I hit as triggers, but doesn't trigger the ARP.


thanks in advance, and please excuse my very basic explanation. I'm a piano player first (35 years) and programmer waaaaaay 2nd :) , but I'm trying to learn.




Gig Rig:Depends on the day :thu:






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