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Anyone know of any well designed musician websites?


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Hi Guys


I'm currently working with a webdesigner to build me a personal home page for my music profession (playing and producing) - I play keyboards hence my presence here!


I have been trawling the web looking for cool/funky/hip musician homepages and I am really struggling, theres so much bland rubbish out there!


I am not having a site built completely of Flash merely because of cost, however it can contain certain aspects of flash like animated menus etc.


The brief I gave him was that I'm young (22) so it needs to be fresh and funky feeling, and give the impression of vintage equipment (Rhodes, Hammonds etc). So firstly I was hoping you guys may have seen some sites that incorporate these concepts...


Secondly, what cool ideas have u had in the past that you think may work as a site concept? For example, the singer I work with is called Toni - so her MP3 popup window is T-Pod which is a subtle cool idea.


Hope someone can help!


Cheers, Pete

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Very true regarding website copyrights. I'm an amateur web designer (in my spare time) and have found it very useful to start out with basic concepts of other peoples websites. However, if you are creative, like most musicians, you could design it yourself. Granted, not everybody has the tools, but it's worth it if you make the investment. I made my website with Photoshop and nothing else. Very easy program to use once you get past the first couple of barriers. I upload the files to my web admin program (takes 3 minutes tops) and my website is updated. You can take a look at mine if you want...it's more of a classy look, but works for me. www.musicalaccents.net


The website server I use is www.premiumwebdesign.com Very affordable and the owner is a the best online business person I've ever dealt with.

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Hi guyss


Sorry for the confusion! I dont wanna rip other peoples ideas of, not do I want to design it myself, this guy is a wicked designer but I am struggling to find reference material to say "I like the way this bit works" and I like the grungy funky feel of this site" etc..



I really do wanna create something new, but it always helps to get a feel for whats out there - just like listening to more music helps you create more :)



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There was Eddie Jobson's I saw the other day, although I found it a little "flashy".


By the way, here's my worthless suggestion : if you build a site with an enormous Flash intro, make sure there's a "skip" button and then a link for a "non Flash" version.

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Keep in mind some of us are still on dial-up (at least sometimes ... hey, it's unavoidable). I have little patience for splash pages. I clicked on some links above and after waiting 30 seconds with no real content, simply bailed. 0 for 2.


My site is not anything special, so no need to go there for ideas. However, even though I built it myself all in Photoshop and an old HTML editor, and it gets the job done (ie, we sell CDs thru it, people find us and contact us through it, press/PR folks download what they need from it, prospective clients listen audition sound clips off of it). Better to have something basic people can get what they need from than to have a spiffy site that is un-navigatable. Of course, you can have it both ways (spiffy and functional) ... just don't lose sight of the functionality.


IMO, kiss of death: requiring people to have this or that plug-in app just to see your site. For certain features, fine, but really, 10 seconds is all you get when some bookers audition your CD for a gig. I imagine you won't get more time than that to make an impression on the web ...

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Originally posted by wdl:

In all candor, I kind of like my own site www.billlevinson.com

Let me know your ideas about how it can be better.


As someone else said, it's too small.


That's to say, if I navigate to the swf movie itself :-



It fills the browser window and auto-magically resizes itself to fit that window exactly. Aside from some of the pictures being a bit pixellated at that size, it looks good.


But at the default URL [i.e without adding bill9.swf], firefox shows a tiny flash movie at the top of the screen and I can't read the text at all.


edit: it works in IE though. comment #10 has a workaround if you're interested :- https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=146826,


Personally, since it's just pictures + text I would have just used html and css, with flash for the music player perhaps.

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My former business partner does very nice sites.




He's done sites for GHS, Rocktron, Peavey, Alice Peacock, BroadJam, Craig Bauer (studio owner and engineer for Kanye West) and John Mayer, just to name a few. Click on the link to see his portfolio. They have a ton of flash, but the usability and interface (my day job specialty) are top notch regardless of the animation.

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Ask some questions to yourself. The answers should lead you to a perfect website:


- What do you want your website to do for you?

- Do you want your visitors to come back regularly?

- Do you want your visitors to communicate back to you?

- Do you want your visitors to communicate to each other?

- Do you want to communicate with a 'corporate design'?


About design: 'beautiful' doesn't nesecarily mean 'good'. However, if you want to target a certain audience make no compromises about design than. If you want to attract all sorts of people, keep it simple.


Don't use too many words. Fast communication is the key.


A complex navigation can be pretty cool but not so clear to use. Think of that if you target people of all ages.


Good luck!

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Thank you yabbadabbadoo for the good ideas. I am sending them out to my designer no to make the changes.

PS-I noticed the mozilla problem and will try your workaround.I agree that it probably should have been done in html...but too late now.



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Originally posted by zeronyne:

My former business partner does very nice sites.

He does indeed, but, with respect, for whose benefit? :)


The usability and interface (my day job specialty) are top notch regardless of the animation.

You don't think being able to c&p tour dates / names / addresses and phone numbers for these businesses is important?
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Cheers for the help so far...all the sites mentioned are good but still not seen anything that immediately makes you go "OOooooo!"


None seem to be particularly funky or hip if you get my meaning....maybe anyone else has links?!


Will be bearing all those design elements in mind,


Cheers, Pete

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