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Yorkville Traynor K4 Keyboard Amp


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Has anyone used the Traynor K4 Amp with the Stereo Piano Patches on a digital piano such as the Yamaha P90?


I am about to buy a Motion Sound KP200s and am not sure if I should wait until the Yorkville amp reaches Australia in May 2005.


I play mainly in a Jazz Piano Trio




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I have both amps. Motion Sound is fine for organ, but I do not like it on piano. It made my nice Yamaha and Roalnd pianos sound harsh.


As fopr the Traynor K4, it is very good for piano. But the reason to get it in particular is because of the stereo channel running through the tube preamp. That section is designed to ass warmth and grit to organ, ep and clav sounds.


So, if you really only need it for piano, I would recommend a Sona Barbetta. Best sound, smallest footprint. AND, a functional input mixer (but only with overall EQ - not per channel). Or, you could/should go with a powered monito like a Mackie.


Just my 2 cents as a GAS man

Hammond C3, Leslie 122, Steinway B, Wurlitzer 200A, Rhodes 73,

D6 Clav

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