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I can't tell you how the S90ES compares to the Clavinovas, but I can tell you that it is by far the best sounding piano I have ever heard from Yamaha. Putting it up to a $8k digital piano with its own speaker system probably isn't the best 'apples to apples' type comparison -- they're different machines. Unless you're looking for either one to be a master studio / MIDI controller, I'd be curious as to why you're comparing them. To me, it's almost like comparing a Vette to a motor home :D



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many thanks for getting back to me,the reason i ask is i have had several clavinovas in the past and this time want to venture into the synth field.i do want to get a really good piano sound.i only play at home for my own enjoyment.i know i would have to put the s90es through an amp,as it doesnt have on board speakers,what do you run your s90es through is it through an amp or a speaker system.once again many thanks


paul allen
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Originally posted by homeAmature:



I would think that 'ivorycj', a Kurzweil product specialist telling you its the best piano sound he ever heard from Yamaha should be a bit of an indicator how good the S90ES piano sound is. :)

Yeah, but what he DIDN'T tell you is how the piano sounds on the Kurzweil K2600 and PC2X are clearly superior... or something. ;):P


Tom (who owns a PC2X) :thu:

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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I have a Roland RD700 and I would say the best pianos out there are the Kurzweil PC2X, Yamaha S90ES and the Roland RD700SX. Not necessaily in that order, all are very good it just depends on personal preference.


I think you would be happy with any of them.


Lots of choices for speakers/amps. A good set of near field monitors for home use is great. But if you have any desire to play out you will need more power than that.



Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others. Groucho




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This may be slightly OT but here it is anyway.


I had an S90 and when I would record it, I would cringe at hearing this harsh sound in C4 and up I think (don't remember exactly now). And I used to say to myself that all the comments about how good the piano was was wrong.


Now I have the S90ES and I have recordings for comparison. Definitely, the S90ES has superior piano sound to the S90. People who listened to recordings could tell the big difference.


Anyway, there was another problem that I realized. It was ME. :eek: When you BANG on the S90 the sound was awful. This was something that I had to work on technically. I lacked skill in dynamics. I had very HEAVY fingers.


So what was the lesson in all this? The irritating sound on the piano was me hitting it too hard. I bet it would not have sounded good on a grand either. So sometimes it is NOT the Keyboard.


Well I worked on dynamics for awhile now and I've been cured of this technical incompetence. I just bet that the S90 will not sound that bad anymore. And of course the S90ES still sounds good but my touch is better anyway.


Thus, one must take "evaluations" of piano sounds with a tiny grain of salt IMHO.


So is Clavinova better than an S90ES? Hell if I know :rolleyes: ! But the S90ES is definitely very expressive to me, playing loud or soft. Very good range. And the piano sound is warm. So this response is with dynamics in mind.

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Different and perhaps less authentic than the Electro but I love them nonetheless. The Rhodes are one of the S90ES's strongest features IMHO.


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