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Need help with a digital piano/keyboard for mom


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I'm in the market for an 88 key digital piano/keyboard for my mom's bday coming up in May and need a little advice. I have a triton xtreme for recording/songwriting, but something like this would be way overkill for my mom.

What I'm mainly looking for is this:

-88 weighted keys

-absolutely pristine "real" piano sound

-built in speakers

-at least a few choices of different piano or other useful sounds.

-built in sheet music holder would be nice

-new or used under $1000


It doesn't need to even have midi, sequencing or any digital connections etc for recording. I just want her to be able to sit down, push a button or two and have great, believeable piano sounds to play with.


...so can anyone out there recommend some good makes and models of digital pianos that sound great?




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You might look at the Casio's. They have several models under $1000 that are quite nice. They have upgraded and have new numbers but I think they are Px150, Px350, Px550. There are lots of choices in the $1000 to $1500. Look at Roland, Kawai, Yamaha.


A search of this forum for Digital Piano or Stage Piano under $1000 would help you too.





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I'll lob in a vote for the Yamaha P series stage pianos over the Casios. I know the Casio Privias have brought that brand a better reputation than the "toy" status that it used to have, but I played a CX150 in the store the other day and was not overly impressed with the action, the sounds (especially if you're looking for a "pristine piano sound"), or the overall feel and build quality.


I've always been a Yamaha fan, and, although they're more expensive than the Privias, I think the money is well spent. For the price range you're looking at, check out the P70 (new) or the P140 (used). (I'd suggest the P90 as well, but I don't think it meets your criteria for built-in speakers.)



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The PX Casios (310,400) sounded great. I was suprised at how good they were and the weighted keys felt great. They had organ and piano sounds. Remember this is a keyboard you can get at GC for $599 new. I didn't try any lower numbered models (like 150).


Yamaha P's are more expensive than that. I was in fact thinking about lugging a PX310 around instead of moving my S90ES. When you try this board, you'll get over the "Casio" name.


It matches all the criteria you've layed out. I think the only issue (which is not critical for this application) is that it only has 32 note polyphony.

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Yamaha DGX 505 would be suitable.88 keys and they're weighted.It's around $500,it comes with attachable stand and has stereo speakers.The piano sounds are decent with a few choices like Grand,Brite,Honkytonk and so on.Real easy to use.You can either punch in the number or just turn the dial with large lettering in the LCD screen to get the piano sound she maybe looking for.I own the DGX 200 and am pretty happy with it.Hope this helps you out!
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