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Electro vs Kurz PC2X vs Motif ES RHODES Need your guys expert advice


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IMHO I would first off agree with Jazz+ that the Scarbee (with their FX package) is hands down the best Rhodes emulation. I've only fiddled with the Electro a few times but I think it is the most authentic hardware choice available.

But, although slightly less authentic, I think the Rhodes on the S90ES are equally beautiful and equally useable. I own one and love playing these sounds.


JP, who in some former life was a tech at Dyno-My-Piano and hot-rodded more Rhodes than i care to remember.

1935 Mason & Hamlin Model A

Korg Kronos 2 73

Nord Electro 6D 61

Yam S90ES

Rhodes Stage 73 (1972)

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Funny that someone brought up the old SA Rhodes sound. The only reason I am keeping my MKS20 around is for that Rhodes sound.


I have a XV3080 - Maybe the way to go is to get the new Rhodes SRX and a controller instead of an Electro. I have the Keys of 60/70's in the XV3080 already - I mostly use the XV for sequencing.


I am intrigued by the new Fatar 76 key controller.


I agree with a lot of the comments above about the PC2X. The top reg of the Rhodes is pretty weak. The new Classic Keys rom is stellar though - yes it doesn't add new Rhodes waveforms but there are a lot of new and improved patches. The new material is KILLER mellotrons/cp's/Clav's/Rmi's......It is a MUST have if you own something from the PC2 family.


Thanks to everyone for the info. I was gonna pull the trigger on the Electro but now I think I am going to wait.


Thing is I have never had good luck using modules at gigs. Too many wires, too much reaching over for control.

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Originally posted by Alkeys:

The Fantom XR, which is as close as I could get probably to the RD700 in a rack, seems to be not as good as the Motif Rack for Rhodes sounds.


Busch can you tell me- are the Roland samples bigger or something?


Why did you switch from Yamaha to Roland? Not criticizing you, just trying to understand, but just from a players standpoint- trying to understand, because maybe you will influence my decision if I decide to switch. I'm all ears.

thank you.

I don't feel I've switched from being a Roland person vs. a Yamaha. I have both and I think they're some of the best stuff out there.


What I appreciate about Roland as of late is they are, I feel, making real attempts at inching forward the state-of-the-art in terms of ROMplers. You're not going to hear it in everything in an RD700SX or Fantom, but the newest samples like the brass (SRX-10) and the pianos (SRX-11, which is built into the RD700SX) are very good. I like the fact that they're sampling every note on the pianos and now the EPs. It does make a difference to me.


I switched from the S90 to the RD700SX as my primary board because of the acoustic piano. I think it just cuts through better and sounds better overall. There is one good Rhodes in the RD700SX and for me it's sufficient. I've also found the organs to be surprisingly good, with tweaking. I am hopeful that the SRX-12 board is going to make it an outstanding board for the basics. It's an excellent controller, really on par with the S90 Master mode. I play in four+ different bands and have different needs. Sometimes portability is critical (like having to carry it up three flights of stairs on a ship). Other times I just want the best feel/sound.


I agree that there are sounds on the Yamahas that are superior and I also agree with your comment that the Yamaha can sound more organic. But while I might like the Yamaha for guitars and bass, I prefer Roland's strings and brass. I can absolutely unbderstand why someone would prefer the Yamaha soundset over Roland's. I think it comes down to which sounds are most important to you.


The problem with all this stuff is that it's a moving target. Yamaha might introduce a next generation board that incorporates the Tyros 2 technology and then it could easily be the one to beat.



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