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Can someone recommend a jazz book that fits my needs?


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The thread on 13 made me think about how little I know about how I play. I do use some of the structurers mentioned in the thread, but they mostly come from experiementation rather than training. For me, training was classical with pop songs as a reward from my teacher.


So I don't really want a full out instructional jazz book. I want something that presents ideas, gives me chords and scales to turn into leads, and helps me understand some of the odd stuff I am already playing. Why it works and what will go with it.



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Hi Robert,


A book that could help you is "Jazz-Rock voicings for the contemporary keyboard player". I studied it a lifetime ago, and it was helpful in expanding my view of chords in particular. I can't think of the author right now, and it's miseriously missing from my bookshelves - damn students, they always borrow things and never return them... :mad: BTW it shouldn't be too difficult to trace. :)


Another concise but useful series is "Jazz improvisation for keyboard players" by Dan Hearle. It's composed of three small volumes, of which I find the third the most useful.

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I think Dan Haerle wrote both books that Marino referenced. They were course material from North Texas courses of his. Dan Haerle is an instructor at the Jamie Aebersold courses. He is a professor, ret., from the University of North Texas Jazz Studies department of the School of Music. Here's a link:



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