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Nice watch for jazz cats


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I don't care for the chromatic wallclock either. It is really difficult going 5 hours forward every time I wanted to go up a 4th... :P


Now if anybody can find a circle of 4ths wall clock then I'm buying one for my music room. If it had a second hand it would be cool for practising, every 5 seconds the hand would point to the new key signature :D

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Originally posted by konaboy:

Originally posted by marino:

BTW, I prefer to teach it as the circle of fifths. :)

ok, You aroused my curiosity. Why?
Well, it just makes a little more sense to me, thinking that the fifth is the most consonant note to a given root. I think it's important for a beginner student to understand the importance of the fifth in relation to its tonic note when building scales. Later, when they learn how chords travel in the context of a progression, they can think it in reverse, as the circle of fourths.

In classical/academical theory, they *only* teach the circle of fifths to my knowledge.

There are also some jazz teachers who prefer to teach the circle of fourths from the beginning.... :rolleyes:

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