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Multi tasking with tamborine

Tony Bennett

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Ok so we're practing the duo tonight. I've been getting into singing more harmony which has been fun. So we're doing that Simon and Garfunkel tune, I don't know the name, gubilation she loves me again, I'm down on the my knees yada yada. I figure I'd just sing along with his guitar. Well then add some shakers, and maybe stomp on a tamborine, well what the hell lets play a bass patern on the piano too....I must have looked like one of those guys with a monkey that crank that dealy...oh too much wine.


Anyways, I remember seeing a drummer with the following and just ordered it up. Maybe you guys have seen them all ready.



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The song is named "Cecelia".


I gotta get me one o' those! At a gig last Friday I made the mistake of grabbing the percussionist's tamborine for a song which didn't require keyboards but did need as much percussion as possible. The song ran 9+ minutes and I tore open blisters on two fingers with that thing....




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