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Q for those who own both a Kurzweil PC1X/2X and a Nord Electro


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I'm digging up my post from this thread that didnt really get a response. Apologies in advance for those who've read it and ignored it already and didn't want to see it again :P ....


I'm curious by all the combination Kurzweil/Nord owners I've noticed here. How would you all compare the Rhodes and Wurlies between the two boards? Does the Nord Electro's have it all over the PC2X's, ... and is that why you'd have the Electro? Does anyone have the "Classic Keys" expansion ROM installed in their PC2X, and if so, how does that still compare to the Electro's?


It just seems like if the PC2X's EPs were as good, then the Nord wouldn't seem so necessary... or is it purely for the organs?


I'm considering a CX-3 (which i already have) + Kurzweil PC1X bottom board setup. I'm thinking of a PC1X over a PC2X, because its lighter, but also because i dont need the KB3 organs since the CX-3 would cover it.


The alternative was to go a Nord Electro ... EP's are my priority. But then I'd have overlap on the organs with both the CX-3 and Electro....

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I have an electro a pc2 and a pc1x. I just play the pc1x at home to practice on. I bought an electro for the rhodes sounds. I use an xk3 system for organ. My favorite set-up is the Xk system and a Kurzweil pc2. The pc2 also has the classic keys board installed. I think the pc rhodes patches and the nord rhodes patches are about equivalent. You can eq the nord on the fly somewhat easier than the pc2. The piano on the Kurzweil makes it the winner for me. I still do use the nord sometimes for variety, but I think the pc2/pc2x/pcix is a better all around choice. The nord has the weight issue won, and its organ is better. I like the nord a lot, but I tend to go with the Kurzweil when it really matters though.
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I have a CX-3 - which I love to death - it sounds incredible and I love it.


I also have a PC2X - so my rig for gigs is usally just that - cx-3 on top and pc2x on the bottom.


I am thinking about replacing the PC2x with a Nord Electro. I am just sick of lugging the pc2x around. Also I am getting sick of the piano sound - I have the classic rom in it and the electric pianos are cool - though they loose a lot of cut in the upper reg. The cp wurlies and mellotron sounds are great too, but 55 pounds plus the damn case! 70 pounds?


I sat in on a jam last week and the room was up a flight stair. UGH.


I am in the same boat - the b3 sound would be a big overlap with the cx3 - love those real drawbars - but 20 pounds?


I was intrigues by the M Audio 88sx piano- 400 bucks and less than 20 pounds, but reviews have been spottie - whereas Nord Electro owners almost sound like a cult.


Probably gonna get an Electro. If the Stage 76 were around I might consider that....but the reviews of the piano sound are not encouraging....

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I've got the classic keys expansion in my PC1x. The Electro was puchased so that I did not have to lug the ES7/PC1x combo to rehearsals. My small live rig is the ES7/PC1x, my big live rig adds the Electro and the NL3. When I play the big rig all organ stuff is done on the Electro, and there is one song I use it for EP. There is a barking Rhodes patch on the Electro that I prefer over the PC1x, but otherwise the PC1x gets a lot more use than the Electro for EP and AP stuff. For the one Clav song we are playing I'm happier with a patch on the the ES7.


You might want to consider the PC2x over the PC1x because you can edit things a bit more, and some people consider the PC1x action too light.

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I have the classic keys upgrade, and I really dig the Rhodes. Sound a little more polished than the electro Rhodes, although the velocity curves are more apparent, IMO.

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+1 Ron L -

" I am just sick of lugging the pc2x around. Also I am getting sick of the piano sound"


I was in similar boat (pc88 + case), cx-3 (v2).

Someone stole my pc88 + case, but I was insured



Went to try a PC2x at a store which had an electro on top. I bagged the pc2x and went for an electro 73.


Yes, it is a comprimise, but I like mine.

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Played an Electro at QC today. Gotta say pretty impressive. The B3 was good, though I like the CX3 leslie better - the EP's were nice, the cp was ok - the piano was terrible. But nice feel and nice weight. If it only had some mod pitch wheels and some midi functionality....but I can see why people like it so much. I tried the s90es and the piano was killer.


Think I will go for an electro.

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