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Help a newbie out - MIDI controller problem


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Heres the equipment I'm using:


EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition

M-Audio Firewire Audiophile

old Yamaha PSR-85


It works fine when I use the mouse to press the keys on the Kompact sampler that came with Eastwest but when I play the Yamaha the sound cuts in and out seemingly at random. It works for a few minutes and then stops or sometimes the keys on the sampler get "stuck" down when I'm using the Yamaha. Is the Keyoard just old and faulty or could it be a problem with the audiophile, the drivers...? Any advice would help, thanks :)

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Download Midi-OX and use it to examine the MIDI data that is being received by your PC. If nothing looks amiss with the MIDI data, it'll be something with your PC config.


From the sounds of it, and this is just a hunch, you've likely got a ton of things running on your system that are hogging resources. I'm guessing you're using the same computer for everything, yes? Internet, email, word processing, MIDI, games, etc.?




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Actually, with Kompakt, you're probably having an issue with disk streaming. The minimum system requirements are a complete joke with these embedded Kompakt libraries. With my DFH2 disks, I couldn't get it to play back reliably until I put 2 gigs of RAM into my box along with a dedicated 7200 RPM drive with an 8 meg cache.

"For instance" is not proof.


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I downloaded MIDI-OX and played the keyboard through it and it showed "note on/off" for every key I hit. And yeah I use the same computer for internet/email/recording/everything. Do I just need more RAM (I have 512MB) or is there something I have to do?


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