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new member - home studio advice


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Hi everybody


This is my 1st post so apols if this is in the wrong section - seems like a cracking forum though!


Ive recently decided to set up a home studio - In years gone by I used to use a version of cubase on an old atari computer - linked this via midi to a controller keyboard and a sound module (roland 220).


I asked an old friend of mine how would be best to get set up nowadays - he suggested that theres enough drum/synth emulation software about to do away with rack modules etc and said I could just get some of this and link it to a controller.


I've managed to get hold of cubase audio software but Im really a beginner all over again!


Any advice is more than welcome



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Hello Craigo, welcome to the Keyboard Forum.


I'll have a go at answering your Q. It all depends on what you want to do really. If you are going to play live anytime, you'll most likely want to have hardware instruments. If you are only ever going to work in your home studio, then a PC or Mac with Cubase SX3 or similar DAW s/w plus some VSTi's (or AU's or whatever... virtual instruments) and a midi controller/keyboard of some type may be all you need.


Your friend is right, there are a LOT of wonderful virtual instuments available these days. Some are even FREE!! There are lots of musicians (and non-musicians ;) ) who only use software these days. I'm not one of them. I prefer to have real hardware still. YMMV.


I'm not sure what you mean by Cubase audio software? What program is that exactly? Does it have a dongle? If it's a crack, then you'll get short change from everyone here including me....


Cheers for now,


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Welcome craigo. You've come to the right place for the answers to your questions. May I suggest you have a look around the forum by doing a search. I think you will find tons of very valuable information is already posted here that is directly on point to what you are looking for. In aprticular, there is a lot of discussion already on here about rack modules vs. computer-based sounds and on the pros and cons of each. Good luck!
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