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Nord Lead 2X: Keyboard or Rack?


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Ooo ooo! Me too!


Great question - I would also like to know, Keyboard or Rack? But I'm interested in a 2, not the 2X.


People rave about the Lead's organic pitch stick and mod wheel. I think this is something to consider. Plus, the rack isn't a small tabletop synth - its 4u, so you're not really saving that much space. I really like all my pieces to be standalone so I can mix and match for gigs and/or rehearsals.


Hiromi said, in the recent Keyboard mag interview, that the pitch stick is one of the reasons she plays the Nord.


(paraphrasing) "The Nord is an actual instrument, not just a synth. When you use the pitch stick, you actually feel like you're bending the note."


I think I'm going to save up for the Keyboard version, personally. My dilema is NL2 or NL2R+KME61.


Argh, damn you, GAS!

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Go for the keyboard version, all the way. It is really not much larger than the rack and it is much more intuitive than trying to play the rack from a controller and tweak the knobs. I tried Nord Racks in the past and found that it was challenging to get them situated well for live playing and then you have to program one of your keyboards to function as a controller. I preferred the spontaneity of having the Nord in its own dedicated package. I've owned the original Nord Lead and NL2x. Both are great. I would not mind having them again. They were casualties of the revolving 3rd keyboard syndrome that plagues me.




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I suggest you try that thumby stick that Nord uses for pitch bend. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I'm in the "hate it" group because of the way I like to bend pitch and hold it steady for a while. I also don't care for the keyboard, but some do.


You don't want an instrement that sounds great but feels terrible. Make sure you are in the "like it" camp before choosing the keyboard over the rack.



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Originally posted by Rabid:

I suggest you try that thumby stick that Nord uses for pitch bend. Some people love it. Some people hate it.

I would agree and....er...disagree. I agree that you must try it before you buy as it is definitely different than you might be used to. However, I am in the love it group as it has a position on the keyboard as well as a couple of ways of using it that make it easier for me than the typical vertical wheel. Try it and see. :):thu:





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A factor to consider is the amount of space you have on stage and whether you have a controller you dig. I have a NL2X-R, largely because I really like my controller (K2600) and personally don't enjoy being surrounded by a ton of keyboards on stage. Additionally, I dig playing analog strings on a weighted action (alone or MIDIed to piano), but again this is personal preference.

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