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Groove Tubes stereo keyboard amp


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Holy crap! 28 lbs!!!


I'm a little skeptical - it's only got 1 woofer, 1 mid and 1 tweeter. And all parts are stationary... What the heck could they be doing?


Looks like our friend JeffDaWeasel has his name on the press release for this bad boy. Jeff, have you given this amp a tryout? Do you still hang at the Corner?


Just looking at some of their other products, it seems that they used to make stereo encoders that you needed to use before one of these SFX amps.


Click here for example.


This new amp/speaker system seems to have the encoding and decoding built-in. It also seems to be a patented technology, so maybe they're just flipping the phase back and forth for each time slice of the L/R signal?


I'd like to hear one - the price seems right, too! Although, I don't see too many for sale...

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Only a single left/right input. You'd need a mixer if you had more than one keyboard. Drag.


I'd like to see a beefier version (300 watts RMS per channel) with a built in mixer including at least a couple of mic inputs.

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