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midi controller suggestions


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I'm pretty much a midi controller newbie, and I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestion for a good low-budget midi controller keyboard for me. I have a soundblaster xtrememusic x-fi soundcard and windows xp if that matters. I'm mostly interested in it to use with stuff like Reason for audio creation, and just general playing and stuff. I want one with enough keys, at least 49 or so. I've been looking around at various models such as







it seems like the main difference is the amount of switches and dials and stuff on the keyboard itself. Anyway, anyone have any suggestions?

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Welcome to the forum.


I would suggest starting with a search of the existing posts to see if they spark any ideas for you. There are probably 100 posts regarding various controller options.

There are tons of choices and tons of opinions. Take a look around and the ask some specific questions which pertain to your needs.



From the Forum Rules


Originally posted by Stephen Fortner:

Searching for What You need


The forum has attracted a lot of new members in recent months, and that's grest news. I am excited you've come to Musicplayer and Keyboard magazine for your informational needs.


For people who may not be aware of it, I'd like to call attention to the search function built into this bulletin board software. From any screen on the Keyboard Corner, click "search" in the small, horizontal menu that reads "my profile | directory | search | faq | forum home." A page will come up with a number of variables and search fields, which are all pretty self-explanatory. This is an ideal place to begin if you're arriving here with any questions like:


-What's the best keyboard to buy for a beginner?


-What's the best keyboard amp or powered PA monitor?


-Brand X vs. Brand Y: which is better?


as well as if you're looking for anything pertaining to a specific keyboard, sound module, piece of software, etc.


Please search first, then feel free to start a new topic about what the search might not have satisfied. You may find a lot more of the needed info than you expected is ready at hand.


A Lifetime of Peace, Love and Protest Music


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I've been using a Roland AX-7 with my laptop and also using Reason. I have several keyboards but I like the AX-7 for its versatility. You can use it with a shoulder strap (some call it a "keytar") or you can just place it on a table or rack and play it like any other controller.


Here's the link





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