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board with piano and lead analog sounds?


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While both suggestions so far are valid, they're not exactly budget-conscious... ;)


You could look at the Yamaha Motif (Classic or ES)... the stock Motif might already have what you want in terms of 'analog' sounds, but you could always add the PLG board that The Pro suggested for more authentic tone...


You could also look at the Roland Fantom series (the original, the S, or the X series, depending on your budget).


Based on your need for a 'good' piano sound, I wouldn't suggest the Korg Triton; even though it's got some great synth tones in it, the pianos are the weakes of the big three.


You could also look at the Kurzweil KME61.


At the end of the day, with the minimal information you've provided us, we can't be sure if any of these will be suitable, but those are some starting points; only your ears will be able to tell for sure.




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