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Jamie Shields/The New Deal


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I was surprised upon doing a search that nobody has discussed The New Deal and/or their keyboardist Jamie Shields. For anyone who hasn't heard them, they are a trio (bass, drums, keyboards) that plays live house/breakbeat/trance, much of which is improvised.


Does anyone else here listen to these guys? If so, any ideas what Jamie uses for gear?

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The New Deal is a cool band. I have not checked them out recently, but discovered them several years ago (pretty sure I've posted about them on this forum before). You can check out their website at www.thenewdeal.ca


Jamie uses an old-school CX3, Juno 106, Rhodes and Moog Prodigy.




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I've heard of them also. Along the same style is Tortured Soul , a live House keys/bass/drum trio from NYC. I've seen them live twice, and they put on a great show ... funky, raw, smart & dance-friendly, and you couldn't ask for nicer guys.


BTW ... keys-man Ethan White plays an Electro2 ... :D



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Jamie is an incredible player, and I've spoken to him a number of times about doing a piece. My bad for not following up, really, but Keyboard doing a piece on him is definitely on my to-do list for the immediate future.


If you listen to their live stuff, the mind-blowing thing is, there's no sequencing or backing tracks of any kind, but it sure as heck sounds like there is. Jamie is an absolute octopus of a player - creating sounds on non-programmable vintage synths as he goes and never missing a note. Just monstrous.

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I was wondering about that. There are times when it sounds like he is using sequences or using a loop station. I've seen them live a few times, but I've never gotten a good look at what he's doing.


I love it when Darren Shearer (drummer) does the vocal beatbox. It sounds just like an electronic drum sample.

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