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kurzweil k1000 repair


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Some notes on this were intermittent, so I took it apart, intending to try cleaning contacts. Unfortunately, the part with the keys, when freed from the frame, fell on the floor while the ribbon cord was still attached to the key's circuit board, with the result that the end of this board broke off, right through the connections. Now the keyboard has no sound at all. What are the chances of finding a replacement circuit board?
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First, welcome to The Keyboard Corner.


If I were you, I'd check:


1. Kurzweil's tech support staff

2. Sweetwater Sound's repair facility

3. Sonikmatter forum - Kurzweil discussions

4. eBay - Who knows, you might get lucky and find a K1000 to use for parts.



Good luck.



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heres the page not sure if you can click on it here or not


The purpose of this group is to provide a user base of information for these great Kurzweil products. Other Kurzweil products welcome include the K1000 racks (AX, EX, GX, HX, PX, SX and all plus models), Pro-76, Pro I,II, III, EGP, Mark III IV as well as lesser know items produced from 1988 - 1992.




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