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Organ controller using Fatar bits and pieces


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Fantastic job - that page was just what I was looking for :D


I've got as far as making a base and a support for the upper manual. My weapons are a Nord Electro 61 for upper manual and a cheapo Fatar 161 for the bottom.


Cheapo is the word. Whilst the keyboard itself is great, the plastic casing is a disgrace! It flexes and it is held together by self tapping screws into plastic - some of which were broken. If you press the top of the case, the keys depress too :confused: Disgusting


I use the top of the Fatar to support the Electro so this is a problem. I have taken the Fatar apart and added wooden bracing inside to eliminate the bounce. It's ok now, but I hate the cheap case so much that I'm thinking of throwing it away and just using the keys, rather like you did.

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Originally posted by Manhunter:

wow! and it's red. Eric, you're gonna want one of these

Well, I've already hit my quota of red instruments for 2005 and I still need to save room for the STAGE that I'm sure I'll order in some drunken evening of GAS-induced motivation. Heck, if I can have some bourbon and type up posts that I cannot remember the next day, then why not do something like order new gear and then just act surprised when it arrives! :D That could be my new ploy with the wife - "Honey, I honestly have NO IDEA what that large box on the back porch is. I cannot remember ordering anything. Maybe one of those places finally sent me some free gear?" :D:P

Actually, this one is pretty cool as well.




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