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Which keyboard stand should I get?


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Hi guys, 3rd post in a day, must be on a roll :)


I'm looking for a new 2 tier keyboard stand that is sturdy as hell, and will allow room for MIDI bass pedals (no X stands then).


The best I've found is the Quiklok Z-72 which is aZ shaped stand but has the advantage of folding flat. see here: http://www.quiklok.com/search_list.taf?_function=detail&Layout_0_uid1=33267


However, this retails at £260!!! Which is even more than the Ultimate stands. I will get it if there is nothing else (also as it comes in Silver :) but I just wondered if anyone knows of other ones that are useful?



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Thanks for replies...


I've read that post and most talk seems to be of stands that wouldnt allow teh Bass Pedals, hence I'm really looking for an affordable Z stand.


Secondly, the one in the photo above looks ridiculous! Have u ever seen so many knobs on one stand? I'm not too impressed with the crossbars as it appears they need to be removed for ultimate storage.



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