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Korg Z1 or Ales Ion or micron


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I have a Z1 with the EX board. Good, yes. Amazing, no. Pretty darn good at some things, though. I would not consider it for my main board, though. It's a decent "upper rack" synth, if you know what I mean, considering its age.


Playing horns / brass with the modelling algorhythms and the XY pad is pretty cool....you can get some of the most realistic horns I've heard out of a synth.


Pianos, EP's, organs - reasonable, but not stellar. I don't use the Z1 for these.


Pure "analogue-ish" synth stuff - quite good.


Does that help?

Tom F.

"It is what it is."

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Agreee.. as an only sytnth its too limiting.. as a synth to integrate ito a setup then it comes into its own..


The Z1 pad sounds are pretty cool.. you can hear them in the following track I did.



Hers a random smattering of sounds I did a while back 1-2 years ago.. also the track is a Jamey Aebersold record and I soloed over it with the Z1. I should add that its not a composition just me farting around. Also some of the sounds I programmed myself (the Solina in particular)



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