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Yamaha CS1x MIDI issue


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This is my inaugural post and I'd just like to say the site and forums look great. I've a small problem with some new-to-me gear and I wondered if any of the good folks here could help me.


I recently bought a Yamaha CS1x and, whilst the sounds are good, I can't get it to just receive on the MIDI channel I've set aside for it (13). As it's part of a multi-synth/sampler/fx setup with each using either one or more MIDI channels, having it trying to play everything in Performance mode is a bit of a bugger!


I've set its basic channel to 13 but it still picks up stuff on other channels (Omni On mode) and I can't find a way of switching off the unwanted sounds/channels.


If anyone here has or had a CS1x and has a solution, please post it here.


I'd like to fully integrate it into my setup so that it's just receiving data on channel 13 and no other and play just one sound for the time being. Multi mode can wait until I've cracked this issue!


Thanks for any assistance.

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