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What Keybpards/Synths Do You Use?


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I'm afraid I'm a bit of a gear tart when it comes to technology. First jobbie was a Moog Rogue monosynth as Numan, Ultravox etc had convinced me Moogs were winners. I had two Korg Poly 800s, a mark one and a mark two, for years and they were great.


Since then - over twenty years ago - it's been a gradually evolving setup which now looks like this:


Roland JX-8P

Roland JV-880

Roland SC-55

Yamaha CS1x

Akai VX90 (a rare totally analogue MIDI rack beast which is brilliant and which I've had since new!)

Akai SG-01v

Akai S01 sampler

Kawai K4R

Alesis D4

Alesis MIDIverb 4

Alesis EQ-15 EQ


ART Multiverb LT FX

Behringer Ultrafex II

Ensoniq Mirage rack sampler


This lot is sequenced/controlled by an ageing Atari STE 1040 2 meg running Passport Master Tracks Pro v3.6. No soundcards or digital recording involved as everything runs live and is recorded straight down onto a Philips audio CD recorder!


I did have a Casio CZ3000 until recently but flogged that and bought the CS. The Mirage is on the market at the moment.



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I use all the synths in my studio:


DSI PolyEvolver Keyboard - I love this board! Fantastic UI, Sweet Sound - just amazing! A great hybrid Analog/Digital Polysynth with really filthy filter resonance and lots of attitude ;)

Currently serving the role of Master Keyboard.


Waldorf MicrowaveXT - My favorite synth of all time! Please check out My My XT Pages !


Roland Juno 60 - This thing is lots of fun. Warmer and thicker than any 1-oscillator polysynth has a right to be!


Serge Modular - The most flexible analog modular synth out there IMHO. Myriad posibilities compared to hard-wired synths. Its a beautiful thing! http://carbon111.com/serge.html


Clavia Nord Modular Rack - Virtual Modular Synth. Expanded. You can get real lost in this beastie!


Clavia Nord Lead 3 - Virtual Analog synth. The best of the VA breed IMHO! Fantastic UI!


Moog Prodigy - Vintage Analog monosynth. Mine is a later rev with all the I-O jacks...a perfect mate for my Moogerfooger FX boxes!


Korg Lambda - A real vintage oddball but it sounds very lush, especially when you start stacking and mixing the different sounds. The "string" sounds alone are worth the price of admission!


Yamaha VL1 - A brilliant physical modelling synth. Simply awesome!



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Yamaha Motif ES rack - live and studio

Kurzweil PC-88 MX (controls the ES rack) - live and studio

Alesis Ion - live and studio

Alesis Nanosynth - backup for if something happens to any of the above equipment

Casio WK-3500 - live, small settings

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Well, let's see...


Kawai MP-9500

Korg Triton Pro (Moss, 64mb ram, EXB03, 04, 05, 06)

Alesis Andromeda

Clavia Nord Lead 3

Hammond XK-2

Leslie 122

Yamaha Motif ES

Kurzweil K2500RS (KDFX, Rom 1&2, 128mb)

Roland JV2080 (6 cards)

Roland JD-990 (w/vintage card)

Waldorf Pulse+

Yamaha KX88

Lync LN-4

Lync/Akai AX73 frankenstein project :)

Roland GP-100

......but I've been usin mainly software lately...

Logic Pro instruments

Synthogy Ivory

Toontracks DFHS

Arturia Minimoog V

IK Sampletank 2

NI Absynth 3

NI EWSO Platinum

Spectrasonics Atmosphere

Stylus RMX


TC Powercore 01


On the lookout for a B2/B3 conversion and a Wurly 200A...

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I use a Yamaha S08 & Peavy KB1 amplifier for sound. Maybe sometime I'll get a pic up. Does anyone know if sounds can be taken from one Yamaha synth (via Smart Media card) to another? Example: could I take an acoustic piano voice (let's say the AP: Natural Grand) from the MOTIF 8, and then put it on my S08, play it, and have it sound just as it would on the MOTIF 8?


Thanks for the help!!





Adam Wilson

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I use the following:


Korg Triton LE 61

Yamaha S90 live and as a controller for:


EW Silver Symphonic Orchestra


Steinberg Groove Agent 2


Within the next year or so (saving up some $), I 'll be adding either a Roland RD700 SX, Yamaha S90ES or maybe something new that's coming out.

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Clavia Nord Stage 88

Clavia Nord Modular G2X

Clavia Nord Lead 3 Rack

Korg EM1

Korg EMX1

Roland SH32


(Soon ...)

Clavia Nord Electro2 73

Clavia Nord Lead 2X

Clavia Nord Lead 3 (keyboard)



Nord USA


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you have too much Clavia stuff...

Korg PA3X Pro 76 and Kronos 61, Roland G-70, Integra 7 and BK7-m, Casio PX-5S, Fender Stratocaster with Fralin pickups, Fender Stratocaster with Kinman pickups, 1965 Gibson SG Standard
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Guess I've been through this before...


Korg Triton LE 61

Novation KS5


Dreaming of an Nord Electro 2 or perhaps get a system with softsynths and recording-programs... Still to come. But I'm really in need of a nice piano sound and not least an organ.

Korg Triton LE 61

Novation KS5

Native Instruments B4II


Medion Laptop computer

M-audio Audiophile USB interface.



Fender Japan Jazzmaster 62'reissue

Epiphone Les Paul

Ibanez AS-73


Vox AD50VT

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At the bandhaus:

Alesis QS-8.1

Novation K-Station

Yam DX-11

Yam VL70m


At the church:


Casavant 18-rank pipe organ ca. 1982

Kawai K grand piano

Roland VK-8


Korg Wavestation

Alesis QS-R


In the studio:



Sequential Prophet-5

Arp Odyssey blackface

Roland A-33

Yam TG-33

Emu Proteus module

Henry Miller spinet piano

Hammond D-152

M-Audio Oxygen-8


Emagic EVP-73

Steinberg Model E

Arturia Moog Modular V

Garritan Personal Orchestra

NI B-4

NI Pro-52

NI Express Pak

Steinberg Keys LE

Mr. Ray EP (free)

mdaPiano (free)

TickyKlav (free)

and tons more freebies, but these are the ones I use most...


Lying around:

Fender Rhodes Stage 73

Yam KX-88 (needs fixin)

Arp Solina SE-4 (ditto)

Hohner Clav D-6

Yam TX-7's (2 of em)

MidiTech 49

Roland P-55 (this one might be lost - definitely misplaced)


Plus maybe a few more I forgot.

I played in an 8 piece horn band. We would often get bored. So...three words:

"Tower of Polka." - Calumet

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·Roland MKS80 Rev4 w MPG80

·Roland MKS70 w PG800

·Roland JD990

·Roland Jupiter 8 w Encore

·Roland TB303 w midi-sync

·Roland SH-2 w midi-cv

·Yamaha CS80

·Yamaha FS1R

·Yamaha TX802

·Emulator E4XT Ultra

·Waldorf Microwave XT30

·Oberheim OB-Xa w midi

·Alesis Andromeda A6

·Rhodes Stage Mk I (1973)

·Sequential Prophet5 Rev2




http://www.babic.com - music for film/theatre, audio-post
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I wish I had a Casavant - one of my favourite synths (nothing beats Cavaille-Coll of course). :)


Well, at home it's a

Moog Micromoog

Roland Juno 60, SH-3A, Alpha Juno 2, MKB-1000, VK-8

EMU Proteus 1

Korg Poly 800ii

Ensoniq ESQ-1, EPS, ASR-10, SQR+32

Sequential Prophet VS

Rhodes 73 Mk II

EMS VCS 3 (the 'Putney')

Simmons drum kit triggering Alesis D4


For gigs, it'll be the rack (mixer, Alesis Quadraverb, Yam SPX50D, SQR, Proteus, D4, Behringer patchbay), the ASR-10, VK8 and Prophet VS plus one or two extra boards depending on how my back is (usually the ESQ-1 or JU2).



Ernest Hemmingway once wrote "The world is a beautiful place and worth fighting for." I believe in the second part.
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Sharing a room with my bookshelves, model trains, drafting board, desk and computer is my humble rig:


Ensoniq SD1, Roland JV1080 & Alesis Ion. They go through an Alesis Nanoverb (to spice up the Ion) into a Behringer MX602A mixer and out to a pair of Radio Shack powered speakers (oh the humanity!). I'm lusting after a Moog Voyager and a Baretta 41C amp....donations welcome.


The SD1 always comes to my regular church gig. The Roland and/or Ion tag along as the set list requires.




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live rig

nord electro 61

nord lead 2

laptopn+m-audio 49 midi controller (with mainly B4, Lounge Lizard, Minimoog, some freebies...)

roland xv2020 module (for gigs abroad)

mellodica and a small accordion when needed


studio rig

all the above +

hammond L100P+Leslie

Rhodes 54



Be grateful for what you've got - a Nord, a laptop and two hands
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