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A good beginer keyboard


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Hi, im looking for a good beginer keyboard to play a tune like 'right here waiting for you' something like that and i don't want an expensive one, i was thinking of buying one on ebay, could you post me to a good one on there or just give me a good type of keyboard for a beginer thanks
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I see from flyers from my local music store that Yamaha sells a keyboard (PSRE203) that is sold below $100. Of course there's only 61 keys and they are not touch sensitive. But compared to what Casio sells it seems to have quite a bit. GM (MIDI) is available for this price and seems like plenty of sounds. For $150 Yamaha will sell one that has a 2 track recorder and touch sensitive keys in a PSRE303. Need I look elsewhere?


Any piano teachers want to talk me out of buying something like this for a young student who is frustrated that his sister always gets to show off her talent with her violin? 88 Weighted keys at least in a Yamaha portable costs ~$500 which is a bit too pricey for this task.



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