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Steve Force

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I switched to Yamaha Mlan, since most of my gear is Yamaha.


I am pretty technical so figuring out things is one of the things I do (and have done professionally now for over 30 years..)


So here is my observation on Yamaha documentation: lame.


My opinion of motifator.com: insulting.


Yamaha, I love you but please help out your customers..



I have been around the block many, many times and am amazed at how poorly you inform your customers.


That said: Mlan rocks--after you get through the lame Yamaha documentation.


Best regards,



(BTW: Thank God for people like Mike Martin..)

Steve Force,

Durham, North Carolina


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Yeah, I swear my S90 manual is written in another language. I never bothered with it for more than 10 minutes (and as a result, i have a bad feeling I'm only getting about 10% out of the board... but for now i guess i wont let it bother me. I'll be bored someday)

"wherever you go, there you are"


"If practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect, then why bother practicing??"

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