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Keyboard Innuendo Dec.'05: Yamaha musings?


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Since Keyboard opened this can of worms on p14 in the Dec. 2005 issue, the topic must be open to discussion:


Under "NAMM Rumblings" there is a thinly cloaked reference to a "voracious corporate behemoth gobbling up another European software powerhouse". It goes on to elude that this same entity could be preparing to get it's software act together in a very big way (or continue to ride the "hardware-only ship into the sunset") and that laptop-musicians could soon "be suffering from option overload".


Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this talk is likely about Yamaha (aka "The Borg") who acquired Steinberg and thus VST technology but haven't released any softsynths of their own... yet. So who might they be buying? Native Instruments? Zero-G? Others?


It probably should've been more obvious because of the mLan capability but I also noticed in the ad on the back page that CME Keyboards are distributed in the US by Yamaha America. So between VST technology, a fleet of controllers and enough proprietary synth technology for a battle fleet, where is Yamaha headed? To outfit laptop users for stage and studio or more towards OASYS-like devices that resemble the Open Labs Neko? Inquiring minds want to know... :D

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