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Barbetta 31C: wow!


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Based in part on the recommendations in this forum, I bought a Barbetta 31C amp.


I practiced with it yesterday, and played two gigs today. All I can say is: wow. This is an incredible amp.


It weighs only 35 lbs, is very loud, and has a beautiful, rich range. Every patch comes screaming through with awesome clarity. I cannot believe something this small and light can sound so full. I am in heaven. It is truly unique, as it is neither PA speaker nor guitar-amp-with-tweater. It is a real keyboard amp.


This thing lets my piano patches cut through the drums and guitar like a knife through butter. I won't fight to be heard anymore.


One thing I had to do that was not obvious: turn all the eQ controls up to 3/4. Then set the master volume to 3/4. This gives the sound the mad punch I was looking for.


I was a little concerned that the 2 8" woofers would not provide enough bass. But it has tons of bottom end.


I paid $689, which is not cheap, but I feel it is worth every penny. When I can afford it, I may buy a second one, and experience the joy of stereo monitors with tons of headroom to spare.


I cannot recommend this amp highly enough.

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I have used a pair of Mackie SRM450 for many years. In my former band, I ran the PA so I just ran the band and the vocals through these speakers. They are very loud and durable, but I wanted to find something was lighter and had a punchier sound. The 12" speaker and treble horn are great for PA work, but not ideal for a keyboard monitor (for me at least).


I tried a Motion Sound KP200S, but I found that it was not loud enough and did not have enough clarity for piano patches.


The Barbetta, with it's 5" tweeter and 2 8" speakers, can really cut through the mix.


I have not tried a side-by-side comparison with another amp; that would be interesting, but I have no doubt that the Barbetta is the amp for me!

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