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Amps for Keyboards - London Area


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I have been lugging around a couple of Carlsboro KB120 keyboard amps for over 10 years now, and they are getting a bit knackered, so I want to replace them.

I would like to cut down on the weight of the equipment.


I have one keyboard (Korg T3) and play generally indoors with less than 300 people in a covers band which is not too loud, with just brass and vocals going through the FOH PA.


I have read various threads on the topic of keyboard amplification and am left with several options:-


1) A single keyboard amp, preferably stereo.

Motion Sound seems a common choice.

I don't know of anyone who does Baretta in the UK.

Other options like Hartke, Laney, etc.


2) Two separate keyboard amps, for true stereo, much like my current system.


3) Active Speakers - I don't want a PA with mixing desk, but quite like the idea of two Active speakers. Mackie and JBL Eon seem to be popular. Anyone tried dB technologies systems?


My budget is around £700, maybe £1,000 at a stretch but will not go up to the Bose system.


Recommendations and advice based on personal experience are always helpful, but what I really need is to know where I could try out some of these.

I live in London (UK) but am happy to take a longish drive to somewhere that has facilities where I can make a direct comparision.


Can anyone help me?

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