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Pros/Cons of using a mini mixer live


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I own the Mackie 1202VLZ Pro myself...and although I dont play out (yet),.. so I cant say much about its play out effectiveness....


I will say that it seems to be built like a tank has very clean sound (definalty helps make a crappy singer like me sound decent) well almost ...


the only small issue I have with it i dont think is its fault , I have my comp hooked into it as well for playing along with mp3's for practice and that channel is a tiny bit noisy.... but im 99% its a noisy sound card (cheap) built-in one.... although I also had it hooked to my creative sound card live card and was still noisy... still working on figureing it out..havent spent a ton of time on that though


the only other tiny issue for me is I wish it had two headphone jacks... I have a splitter cable for 2 sets of phones so someone else can listen but splitting the headphone signal diminishes the quality a bit.... two seperate headphone jacks would of probably solved that.....


ohh my other thoght though is that this thing has been around for years and hasnt changed at all and seems to still be one of the top choices in small mixers....so, longevity is its own proof that they must of done something right with this thing...

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I love my Mackie 1202VLZ Pro: it sounds clean, occupies one square foot, and is built like tank. I got mine new for $200!

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Headline: Bloke Directs Rhodes_Sine To Destination:


Yamaha MG10/2 at GB Audio, Edinburgh - £72



"Yamaha's fantastic MG mixers are giving Spirit, Mackie and Behringer a run for their money. Quality construction, quality electronics. We have most models of the MG Series in stock for immediate dispatch. Buy now at even lower prices. Free rack mount kit included with 10, 12, 16 ch."


MG 8/2FX £104.

MG10/2 £72 .

MG12/4 £119.

MG12/4FX £156.

MG16/4 £169.

MG16/6FX £239.

MG24/14FX £499.

MG32/14FX £619.

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Gah! :eek:


Here I have been sizing up Ebay in a hawklike fashion to try and get a good deal on the shiny, shiny Mackie 1202VLZ-PRO (that still looks great)and not really coming up with the goods. not for less than £100 anyway...


and now a place on my doorstep selling a mixer that looks to be 8 tenths the Mackie, at an insanely good price price of £72! (Which is minus VAT but at £84.60 it's still looking like a winner)


I'm doing some serious head scratching and comparing , and at first impressions it seems it looses out on the headphone monitoring trick so far? And inputs. But 12 vs 10 makes minimal difference to me just now..


Jeep, I'm seriously impressed that you have found me a mixer that A) looks pretty good B) is very reasonably priced and C) is approximately 5 minutes walk from my flat in Leith!! :thu::thu:



oh and D) that you did it all from a mountain in Canada while in a different time zone! :D


Quick phone call to this place methinks.

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The only issue with this kind of low end board is that the ranges of the eq are fixed. A parametric mid range makes a huge difference to what you can do for vocals especially if you need to remove nasality from someones voice.[/QB]


As you say sweepable mids are great if you are running vocals through it. However, if you were planning to use it in this way, you'd also want built in FX. I've owned a 1202, a 1402, I use a 1604 all the time and i have a 2408. It was hard to do but I recently bought a Beheringer 'cause it had FX and it was small enough to fit in my box with all of my cables etc.

Fortunately, I only use it very rarely.


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