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Electro Piano Samples


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Hi guys,


Not being too much of a tech-head, I've only just decided to download the free sounds on offer at the Clavia website which, in addition to the stock sounds, appears to offer Rhodes 3 & 4, ElGrand2, as well as AcGrand2-4 samples. Three questions if I may:


1. Is my understanding (of the above) correct?


2. Seeing that the acoustic piano samples are quite big, can I download all of them or is the Electro's memory not enough to take all of them?


3. Finally, assuming I download these extra samples, would this set of groupings work:


A1-4: Rhodes 1

A5-8: Rhodes 2

B1-4: Rhodes 3

B5-8: Rhodes 4

C1-8: Clavinet [i use many different variations]

D1-4: Wurly

D5-8: Electric Grand [both versions]

E1-8: Acoustic Grand [if possible, the 4 versions]

F1-8: Organs


Hope all this make sense to you guys, 'cos I'm beginning to confuse myself (imagine me on an FM synth :freak: ). Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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You only have 6 slots for samples in the Electro. You could probably use more than one acoustic piano but you'd have to dump other sounds to fit them in memory. The organ sound is not counted in the memory.


For a while I had the clav, cp70 grand, mono steinway, wurlie, and 2 of the rhodes sounds loaded up. Now I dumped the steinway as I have an S90ES, and loaded up another rhodes sound.


Download all the samples and leave them on your computer. Then use the electro tool to load/unload samples and test them all out and find the ones you like best for your needs. I have all the sounds downloaded, but there is no way to have them all resident in the keyboard at once.

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