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My new Yamaha acoustic piano arrived today (pics)!


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Velocity switching across all 88 keys is flawless based on early experimentation. I'm considering velcro to attach microphones to the piano, since it is not loud enough out of the box. These would be routed to a stereo amplification system with 3 mikes - 1 hard panned left to cover the lower keys, 1 hard panned right to cover the high keys and one dead center for the middle range of keys. :D Of course, I'm kidding.


As for the color, I am happy with the polished black finish. I can live with a little red Electro on stage (actually looks cool under lights), but would cringe if Clavia ever went into the upright or grand piano business with nothing but red pianos. Anyone remember Jon Cain's red Yamaha grand?


I have not yet taken this piano on the road and doubtful I will sell it anytime soon. Though I do have gas for a 7' Schimmel grand I played the other day, so maybe I'll just eBay the Yamaha piano and sneak the Schimmel into the house. I'll just tell the wife that I made money on the deal. She'll never notice the full anvil roadcase. :D




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I have no choice but to let She Who Must Be Obeyed decorate my '61 Wurlitzer Spinet; it's actually her piano.

"In the beginning, Adam had the blues, 'cause he was lonesome.

So God helped him and created woman.


Now everybody's got the blues."


Willie Dixon






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Very nice, Eric. I'm familiar with that model; one of the schools I'm teaching in has one. It has a big and bright sound, very satisfying to play.

Just a bit of advice: At least occasionally, try to open the lid of your new piano, and enjoy it in its true, full voice!

Of course, you'll have to remove the decorations to do that... :D

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