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So this Buchla 200e...


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I own a very basic 200e setup: one each of the 259e, quad function generator, quad dynamics manager and a source of uncertainty. Even so, I have an incredibly fun time with it. I'll definitely be adding to it. Up next I'd like to get a 261e and the triple morphing filter.
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I played the 200e at NAMM this past winter. I have also had flight time with a Music Easel and an older 200 modular. The 200e is a powerful machine and sounds quite good, but it's not for everyone. You have to engage your brain cells to get the most out of a Buchla, which I like because it forces me to be creative.


I will say that the morphing filter is the best sounding filter that Don has come up with, filters were not his strong point on older systems but his complex oscillators and other processors made up for the difference.


You can get a big variety of timbres out of the complex oscillator alone, this is one versatile module. I played with just that module, no filter no processing and I was impressed with what it could do.


Don's design philosophy is to design as much function into a single module as possible. His quad lopass gates has four sections that can function as VCA or lopass filter. His quad EG may appear as simple ARs but they can be cascaded to get more complex envelopes and can be looped to double as an LFO with a complex waveshape. His triple morphing filter is one flexible module, it even has a miniature MArF built in (Multiple Arbitrary Function Generator, sort of a complex sequencer). Really insane stuff.

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