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Hiya 2go,


Welcome to the Keyboard Corner! :cool:


It looks like you have started the "official" MPL report thread :thu::)


Your onebluemonkey.com website is nicely done. I checked out the MPL video - again, very nicely done. Were you there early or something? It doesn't look very crowded at all.....


Thanks for putting the video up for all of us that couldn't be there! I'm looking forward to seeing more.




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I just came home late last night from NYC.


I would like to have stayed for the Les Paul tribute concert. Would like to hear how it was but, with all that talent on stage, how could it be bad?!?


It was a very good weekend overall but a little light on keyboard content in the panel discussions, etc. Mostly, those sessions were manufacturers' reps showing off product or people from the magazine. (By comparison, Bass Player had Gerald Veasey, Ron Carter, etc., and Guitar Player had Larry Carlton and Adrian Belew, and Lisa Loeb did a session re: songwriting.)


I went to what was probably the highlight of all the Keyboard sessions: a Q&A with the one and only Bernie Worrell! (He was a last minute substitution for BT). He's as clever, humorous and engaging as you would guess. Bernie talked about:


- the "circus" that was P-Funk (there were so many people on stage, sometimes George Clinton would have to "unplug" somebody)


- his classical training, then dropped some seriously warped Schubert on us


- Bernie's secret to classic funk Moog bass...well, he didn't exactly give up how to program it, but did play "Flashlight"!


There was plenty more. The best moment came when Ernie Rideout asked Bernie "Since you work with P-Funk, and Talking Heads, and Les Claypool, and your own band Woo Warriors, and more, how do you open yourself up creatively to all the possibilities?"


Bernie pinches together his thumb and index finger, holds them to his lips, and takes a deep inhale! "Man, it's good! Good for cancer, good for glaucoma. It's legal everywhere else in the world. The government should just tax it." And on and on. Clearly it was not the response Ernie was expecting, but it was funny as hell!


It's unfortunate that Bernie suffers from arthritis in his hands and shoulder, more greatly affected by the recent cool damp NYC weather. But the man just exudes massive funk without playing a note.

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On the show floor (or sensibly, just outside it), it was good to see Brother Bryce and finally hear the DSI Evolver arsenal. The PEK + PER pack a serious sonic whallop. Half the fun is watching Dave play them. The man truly loves his work.


I received a hands on Stylus RMX tutorial at the Ilio booth. What I already thought was a great program got even better with the recent upgrade. Unfortunately, their booth was next to a Sam Ash booth where some School Of Rock kids were deep into a high volume wank-fest. Is that what they teach there?


Saw the new Korg Triton Le replacement, called the TR, but didn't hear it. There were plenty of Oasys demo sessions but I wasn't going to spend time checking out a product that I can't afford.


I give a lot of credit to Steinway for having a booth with a M, tucked in a narrow hallway off the main show floor.



- no Yamaha?!? I overheard someone say that they pulled out of the show at the last minute. They now distribute Arturia products, so these were not at the show either.

- no Propellerheads


Overall, it was a very guitar-centric show floor but no Gibson, no Fender, no Martin, and no Taylor. How does Gibson not buy into the event when Les Paul is the honoree? IIRC, the only major guitar company there was Ibanez. There were 2 very odd lines of guitars: Burrell Guitars which are twisted like a warped vinyl record, and Babicz Guitars which have pins anchoring the strings to the guitar top instead of the bridge itself.


I was surprised there wasn't a booth from the company that advertises boots in the magazines. :D

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Hello guys,


Dave, Im glad you like the video. Sorry, I am kind of late with my reply. I just got back home from the third and final day of MPL.


Today, I had a chance to tape Stephen Key Karma Developer. With Korg - Oasys and Karma features he was pure Jean Michel Jarre. In a few days Ill post his video presentation. I taped new Korg TR workstation, however no one from Korg product specialist could not tell me more about it. They said they dont know too much yet or they were afraid of my camera!?


Yeah, I wanted to tape new version of Ivory 1.5, but as Mark mentioned, they were next to Sam Ash booth which was so loud, so I gave up.


All in all, show was ok. Representatives were nice. Most of them wanted to cooperate with me, some of them were shy.


One more thing too. Everything I taped, taped with amateur video camera (lent it from my friend), with no light on it, in my shaky hands, some videos are little dark, or not in focus. I promise to get new video cam, more pro (I have to talk to my wife first). Any advice on cameras?


Ill try to post at least one video per day. I am almost one band man, so it takes me time to do it right.


Best to all of you and hope to see you there @ onebluemonkey.com





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Careful with the rumourmongering, Elle . . . ImeanMark. (Oh, crap! The truth is now known!) Yamaha wasn't slated to exhibit from the outset. Had they pulled out at the last minute you'd have seen a gaping hole in the exhibits where they were supposed to be. Several huge manufacturers opted instead to take a wait-and-see attitude and consider coming next year. Yam has so many lines and so much product. They'd need to bring more people and more materiel than just about anyone else. Given their particular situation - being in every business our magazines cover and then some, and that's just in music - we were disappointed but not terribly surprised that they decided not to come.

Technical Editor

Keyboard Magazine


More people pay for Keyboard than any other music-tech magazine. Period.

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