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Recording "beats"/drum loops?


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Is there a good program out there that can let me easily record drum loops?


I have a motif es rack and a controller. What i want to do is be able to record drum loops either in real time or by clicking-in boxes (like in reason's redrum, or fruity loops). The difference is that I want to be able to export as midi so that I can use the motif's sounds.


For real time, I would like a program that can record while looping, something similar to MPC's. For example, I want to record kick drum on first loop then snare on second and so on , while the program keeps looping and adding recorded layers.


Is this kind of recording possible in sequencer programs such as sonar?


Excuse the confusing description, I hope you know what i mean.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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You should check out GURU from FXpansion. It's the closest/best imitation of the MPC concept. You can enter in realtime or through playing "connect the dots". I'm not sure if it outputs MIDI, but you can check the website, and/or I'll try and chime in later as I have the demo. Also, I've found Live as a great groove building tool, particularly using the Impulse drum "sampler".


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You can use Sonar to make drum loops. I use Sonar, and Project 5 V2 to make drum loops. As far as exporting the loop as midi so that you can use the sounds on your Es rack, the hardest part will be making sure that the midi notes are triggering the right drum sound. Everything else is a piece of cake.
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