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Party crasher.


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I was just passing by this place, I usually hang out at the guitar forum, but I thought I would just drop in and have a beer. I haven't ever really played piano much, took a few lessons twenty years ago and got laughed at by the teacher since I would inadvertantly wiggle my fingers trying to get vibrato like on my guitar.


Anyway, I do listen to some piano music and would just be curious to here comments on two of my favorites. First off is Glenn Gould. I have quite a bit of his music and in particlular love his interpretations of Bach. I assume that he is still highly regarded in the piano community.


Another favorite is Lyle Mays. I don't know how innovative or technically proficient he is to the other keyboard guys. But I have always just loved his sound and style. His work with Pat Metheny is some of my favorite music. Of course I came to the group from the guitar end of things, but I don't think Pat separated from Lyle or vice versa is any where near as special as the two of them together.


Anyways, I just popped in to say hi. Its always good to here the perspective on music from musicians of different instruments. I am sure you guys obsess over things as much as us guitar players do.

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Hey Gruupi! (always wanted to say that)


Welcome. Anyone who likes Glenn Gould and Lyle Mays should feel right at home in this party. :thu:


Good point about Lyle and Pat. Maybe lightning struck and some of their neurons got fused together when they were playing. While the new PMG CD is technically very impressive, it gives me this vaguely uncomfortable large ensemble feeling. Like a large meeting in a large company. People rushing to get their point across. Very serious people. I miss the thoughtful, humorous, sometimes sparse dialogue between Pat and Lyle.



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