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It's been raining for ten days. In all that time my studio has been dry as a bone.


Not today however, today all hell has broken loose in my basement studio.


The water is just past my toes everywhere and although I have been running a shop vac non stop for the last three hours I have made no headway.


I've been dumping about three gallons of water into my slop sink every two minutes and the water has yet to receed.



I'm trying to keep the damage to a minimum. It's hard though. My carpet is very ruined. It's a shame because I just bought it this summer. Bottoms of amps, pedals, some recording gear all took on some water. I've got everything up on something now, but nothing is like new anymore.


I'm taking this break to have something to drink and a bite to eat before going back down to the wading pool that was once my studio.



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This happened to me last year. It is not fun. I had 4" of flooding in my basement and had to redo the whole thing out of my own pocket. Get your gear out of there pronto. Call and rent some PODS or Smart Boxes as temporary storage. That's what we did. Eventually we were able to get back to normal.


Best of luck to you. The only way to balance your depression is to remember that you have it much better than the folks in New Orleans.




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Sorry to hear about your flood Carl. :( ANY water is a disaster AFAIC, be it 2" or 2'. I hope you're able to get your gear dried out. Amps cases made with fiber board will probably suffer the worst.


I'm lucky - the water'd have to reach 15' deep to get any of my gear - it's upstairs!


Keep bailing! Good luck!!


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Krakit, I'm very sorry to hear about your problem. I once had a very minor water problem in my basement in the US years ago and I was overwhelmed by it all. After something like this happens it makes you realize what other folks go through and you have more sympathy.

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


In general, harmonic complexity is inversely proportional to the ratio between chording and non-chording instruments.


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This kind of makes me wonder about the house I'm building. It has a basement where my studio will go and the pool is right next to the basement. Really close. So close that I dream of making it glass and I can hire girls to do a mermaid thing. I can sit at the console and watch them dream of me and play in the water. Anyway...hope it wont leak. That's a lot of water in the basement.
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Well, the good news is that I fried some ram in my music PC last week. The computer is on my workbench instead of on the floor (where it usually is).


My Boss gigadelay all of my sustain pedals, and my tascam four track were in the water for a few hours before I discovered them.


My amps were all sitting in about an inch and a half of water.


Everything's drying out now. However, I'm thinking that it's going to be a while before I can make my Comp XI submission. I'm just glad I didn't get the drums set up yet. Now, I'm going to build a riser before setting them up.


Could have been worse. A lot worse. For example, after I play out, I leave all my gear in gig bags on the floor until I get around to setting them all up again. Haven't played out in a few weeks.



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My heart goes out to you Carl.

This happened in my studio about 10 years ago. They called it the "100 year flood"...yea, right..

Lucky for me the wife caught it just as we were retiring for the night, or I would have lost everything.


We had a total system put in the basement where they dig a trench around the perimeter of the basement and install a drainage system which goes to a pump. It's been cranking for 3 days straight and the studio is dry as a bone.

Highly recommended...if you can swing it!


Good luck!


Larry Benigno



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Krakit, Sorry to hear about your flooding, what a bugger.


I used to own a carpet store so I would suggest the following. As soon as the water recedes.


1. Get a De-humidifier in there. You can rent them

2. Get everything out of the room.

3. Pull up one or two corners of the carpet if it is over pad and put low blower fans under it. The carpet needs to move or lift off the floor when the fans are turned on.

2@ if the carpet is glued down continue using the show vac and add the De-humidifier.

3. Keep a check on the De-humidifier because they will overflow or not always work correctly.

4. If there is padding down you should replace it, and just have your carpet re-stretched.


Carpet should be fine however sometimes the seams will come apart.


You could always call in a professional restoration company or carpet cleaner because they do this work all the time.


Good luck



Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others. Groucho




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Ouch! What a bummer.


They're calling this the "100 Year Storm" or the "100 Year Flood" around here. River levels at the 2nd highest ever on record. The one storm put October rainfall at the highest ever.


I've got a sump pump, so we were lucky.


The sad part is that non-flood insurance policies don't cover water from the ground. Most only cover roof leaks - alot of people around here are screwed.

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Carl. Sorry to hear about your situation. Water damage is the worst thing that can happen, especially when musical instruments are concerned.

I hope that everything works out in your benefit. :thu:



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