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please i need help


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i'm just getting started on creating my own home studio and i need to get a keyboard. i was looking at the yamaha motifs and the roland fantom X8 and was wondering if anbody had any opinions on them. i will just be composing music and i am looking for really the best sounds and one which you can create really good sounds. the only one i have used before is the kurzfeil(probably spelled that wrong) at school. or if there is something better than these two that would be good for some one just getting started. any opinions or reviews of the two would be great. i will be running off an apple computer. thank you so much.
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Do a search on the forum and it'll be really easy to find a thread or two comparing these boards.


Personally, I think it depends what you're doing. I love the strings on the Fantom though, especially the individual instruments like the contrabas. They're both really cool boards, but it basically comes down to personal preference IMO. Spend some time sitting down with each one if you can, that's the only real way to know.

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